Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Senator Ron Alting Calls for the Closing of Educational Service Centers in Indiana

Apparently, Greg Wright's comments regarding the ineffectiveness of Educational Service Centers is resonating with at least one state senator. Senator Ron Alting has sent a letter to Governor Mitch Daniels and State Superintendent Tony Bennett asking that educational service centers in Indiana be eliminated.

"Please see the enclosed email from Diana Vice regarding comments made by Greg Wright, Washington Township School Board Member, on educational service centers in Indiana," wrote Senator Alting.

"I couldn't agree more with Greg's comments. I sat on the Tax & Fiscal Committee last year and witnessed hours of produced facts on how mismanaged and obsolete these educational service centers are. They are very unprofessional and unqualified in most areas. We have passed legislation allowing joint purchasing by school corporations who accomplish similar goals with much greater accountability. These centers need to be closed down -- many funds would be saved with the elimination of these centers."

Here's a copy of the letter. It needs to be sent to every school that is a member to these outfits called Educational Service Centers. Click on to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

The good works of Diana Vice continue to bear fruit!


Anonymous said...

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