Friday, April 3, 2009

ESC Board Minutes Contain False Information

I'm taking very personal a comment found in the Mach 12, 2008 board minutes for the NWIESC. Here's an excerpt from those minutes, and it contains false information about my husband. I have asked for a retraction and an apology.

"Information regarding Senate Bill 238 was distributed at the Board meeting. Senator Weatherwax introduced a bill that could have potentially ruined Service Center bids. He wanted the Service Centers to purchase off the Department of Administration's QPA bid if a supply item or a service were available there. [Sounds perfectly reasonable to me, but then again, these folks aren't interested in saving tax dollars; they're interested in collecting more of them.] The Directors and several member school corporations wrote letters to the Senate Education Committee in protest. [I'll be requesting copies of those letters!] At the second hearing, the Service Centers were allowed to speak and present some evidence that was contrary to what the committee had received from the wife of a roofer. [This is absolutely false!] When the committee found out the truth of what happened, they were somewhat embarrassed and did not vote for the bill." [History has proven this to be untrue, and a more potent version of Weatherwax's bill recently passed the Indiana Senate by a vote of 50-0! The only thing they're likely to be embarrassed about now is the fact they were hoodwinked by the schemers.]"

So, it appears as if the schemers have been telling lies about my husband for the obvious purpose of discrediting me and my message. You see, my husband is not in the roofing business, and he has never been in the roofing business. In fact, due to health issues, he's not even allowed to be on a roof! The lies these people tell to promote their cause is shameful!

The real question now is where did this lie originate? That remains to be seen, but it's no secret that Tremco was trying to dig up information on my husband even though he is not a party in this matter. My stat counter registers particular google searches whenever my site is visited, and my husband's name has appeared several times. The schemers obviously tried to find a connection in their desperate attempts to tie me to the roofing industry, which would imply that I had a financial interest in the outcome of the proposed legislation. In fact, Tremco's google searches have been very revealing. My interest in the matter has always remained the same. I am a worn-out taxpayer, and I've had enough of the tax waste and abuse.

Let me make it easy for the schemers. My husband and I are taxpayers. We have no connection to the roofing industry, financial or otherwise. But the fact that the schemers had to misrepresent the facts and flat out lie to a Senate Education Committee just shows me and others how desperate they are.

Educational Service Centers have lost crediblity because of this type of activity. It's time to dismantle an organization that is no longer needed.

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