Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Duneland School Nailed in SBOA Audit for Illegal No-Bid Tremco Roof Jobs/Over $5 Million Illegally Spent/ No Contract, No Architect Employed by School

The State Board of Accounts issued an audit report last Friday that proves what I've been saying all along. Roofing projects purchased through the Wilson Education Center and "contracted" through Tremco, Inc. are illegal.

The State Board of Accounts issued a scathing audit report for the Duneland School Corporation and cited the school district for page after page of misdeeds, including purchasing $5,314,338.00 worth of roof jobs with Tremco for three schools between 2005 and 2008, and according to the report, all this was done without a contract!

"Duneland School Corporation did not bid the project; instead the materials were purchased through the Wilson Education Service Center," read the report.

Surprisingly, there wasn't even a contract according to the report:

"We noted that the invoices from the vendor were an 'Application and Certification for Payment' Form which is used by Contractors performing public works projects. The invoices include the original contract price, and the amount being requested on the contract to date; however, School Corporation officials could not provide a contract. Additionally, the form allows for the architect, who is hired to oversee the project, to certify the amount paid. This portion of the form was not filled out, as an architect was not employed by the School Corporation to oversee the progress. Furthermore, the claimant or contractor was Weatherproofing Technologies, INc., for some of the claims reviewed; however, the checks were made payable to Tremco, Inc."

There are other serious citations in the report, which warrant detailed public scrutiny.

Duneland School District officials are not innocent victims in my humble opinion. There were serious questions raised long before these no-bid, no-contract roof jobs were initiated. The fact that the Rossville School District was cited years earlier should have been enough to cause these school officials to think twice about engaging in illegal activity that had been the subject of controversy.

Taxpayers deserve restitution. Duneland Schools was only one of many school districts that engaged in the illegal activity throughout the Hoosier state. The impact on taxpayers is staggering, and to think this has been going on for several years is almost too much to comprehend!

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Anonymous said...

Any chance of any action being brought against Rossville? You mentioned that they were "cited."