Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Duneland Superintendent Has His Facts All Wrong!

Dirk Baer, Superintendent for Duneland Schools, attempted to defend his school district to a news reporter of the Chesterton Tribune regarding the negative audit results for his participation in the Tremco/AEPA no-bid scheme. Are you kidding me, Dirk? I didn't think there was anyone left defending the illegal scheme that has been the subject of intense controversy throughout the state for the past few years. No one is buying into the false assertions that this illegal scheme has saved a single tax dollar. Quite the contrary!

According to a former Tremco employee, taxpayers have been mega-gouged and de-frauded, which is exactly why the audit was conducted in the first place, so let's at least be honest, Dirk. Here's just one excerpt from a lawsuit filed by a former Tremco employee:

"Gross Overcharging and Bait and Switch Tactics"

Excerpt from Page 25..."By convincing school officials that the WTI [Tremco] general contracting process and the AEPA/Wilson line-item contract would enable schools to save money on Tremco roofing materials and avoid public bidding requirements, WTI [Tremco] was able to charge for Tremco roofing materials, services and equipment it never provided to the schools. WTI [Tremco] was also able to charge exorbitant prices for other roofing materials, services, and equipment. WTI's excessive and fraudulent charges are particularly egregious in light of the school board's obligation to obtain the "best possible performance at the lowest price..."In the handful of projects discussed above, WTI [Tremco] charged $662,366.28 in excess of its subcontractors' charges for completing the projects. Further WTI [Tremco] charged at least $165,533.24 for materials, equipment, or services WTI [Tremco] falsely represented would be provided at the projects..."As set forth above, Tremco - either independently or in concert with its affliate, WTI - has engaged in numerous acts of inequitable and unlawful conduct. Consequently, Tremco cannot enforce the covenant not to compete, and Baker should be awarded summary judgment."

I think taxpayers for the Duneland School Corporation deserve to know the truth, and this is only a glimpse of what has been going on behind their backs. Perhaps they should be invited to read through the archives of this blog. I'm sure it will be a real eye-opener for them as they learn that their superintendent was not only too lazy to submit to a legal bidding process, but that he is also terribly naive.

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