Friday, February 12, 2010

Where is Larry Risk? He was a no show at the audit exit conference. Does what happen in Vegas really stay in Vegas?

Larry Risk, former Executive Director of the Wilson Education Center, refused an invitation to participate in the exit conference last September to discuss the examination results with auditors even though he was at the front and center of this questionable operation since the beginning. Rather, he left Executive Director Phil Partenheimer and Treasurer Pam Clover to answer for the agency's numerous misdeeds.

As was pointed out in the audit report, Larry Risk was listed as one of the original incorporators (or should I say perpetrators) of the AEPA corporation while Pam Clover, Treasurer for WEC, currently holds the position of Secretary for the Corporation.

In fact, Risks's fingerprints can be traced back to the origins of the AEPA, when it was formed without any articles of incorporation. From what I could tell, the AEPA was nothing more than a paper company being run from the offices of the Wilson Education Center in Charlestown, Indiana when details of this no-bid scheme began to surface in 2004. It wasn't until after the issue of lawsuits was raised that they decided to incorporate.

Heck, not long ago the AEPA didn't have any liability insurance! In my opinion, that's what you'd call a high risk liability. This excerpt from previous board minutes gives us a look into the shaky foundation of an organization that was initiating multi-million dollar no-bid contracts around the country.

"This Agreement was sent to AESA whose lawyers reviewed it. The AESA council recommended against AESA entering into the agreement because AEPA has no legal status or liability insurance, and any legal action against AESA might include anyone with a relationship, hence AESA." (December 28, 2003)

Apparently, President Obama's warning about staying away from Las Vegas fell on a deaf ears since the AEPA is scheduled to meet at Harrah's Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 18, 2010. I'm sure they'll have plenty to discuss.

I wonder if Tremco will host another meal for the group as they have done during past meetings? I wonder if Tremco will give out tickets or door prizes? I wonder if Larry Risk will be there. I wonder if what happens in Vegas will stay in Vegas.


lindaphillips said...

Keep up the good work Diana.
Just getting ready to pay my property taxes. Any reason the school corporations haven't sued the county, for interest on loans they have had to take out because of the late property tax collections?
Linda Philli

Diana Vice said...

Thanks, Linda! As always, I appreciate your support of my efforts. As taxpayers from the Rossville School District we were both affected by this no-bid scheme when our superintendent got hoodwinked into believing it was a good deal.

Unknown said...

good job Diana. I think that tim durham and fair finance were holding the account recievables for the aepa scam that worked its way into government agencies. This is why they are taking out his whole crew one by one.