Thursday, March 31, 2011

Refuting the Lies Told By Plymouth School Superintendent Dan Tyree to a Radio Station Audience

Dan Tyree
I was tipped off that Plymouth School Superintendent Dan Tyree would be addressing concerns related to the roofing materials controversy via a local radio talk show this morning.  I'm glad I tuned into the program; otherwise, I would not have had the opportunity to refute the lies coming from this charlatan's mouth.

The first words out of Tyree's mouth were boldface lies.  Not realizing that I was listening from afar, he began by making fun of my surname and pretending not to know how to pronounce it, even though we had communicated several times.

He laughed at his own joke after referring to me as "Miami Vice."  Tyree had also recently initiated a friendship request with me via Facebook and sent me a private message asking if I'd keep anything he told me confidential.  I soon realized that he was not interested in pursuing the truth and deleted his two-faced friendship from my Facebook account.

After attempting to convince the radio listeners that I was linked to a particular school corporation critic, he went on to accuse me of plagiarizing my Plymouth-related blog posts.  The big whopper of a lie that Tyree told was that he had sent me public records to prove that the school corporation legally bid the roofing materials.

I imagine that Tyree was shocked when I called into the program to confront the falsehoods that he told.

First of all, Tyree knows that he never sent me a single public document.  I had requested the bidding documents, but after corresponding via email and speaking with the assistant superintendent on the phone, they agreed to make the documents available for me to inspect, and I was to call when I would be in the Plymouth area.

Secondly, I relayed the fact that I wrote my own blog material, and that when I first raised this issue, I had never heard of the woman whom I was accused of being associated with.  Tyree accused me of cutting and pasting my material from this woman's writings; however, the only thing I have ever cut and pasted were the Indiana Code references for the laws that have been flaunted by the school district.

Tyree's attempt at attacking the messenger, because he didn't like the message, fell flat.  How can anyone trust a man who will be so bold as to lie about someone in an attempt to discredit them?

Tyree continued spinning a web of lies and deceit.  He told the audience that the materials were put out for public bid.  Had he forgotten about the February 3, 2011 email he sent me in response to my question about the no-bid purchase?

I had asked him to clarify information that Assistant Superintendent Rodger Smith relayed to me via the phone wherein he said that the school district did not purchase the materials via a public bid process, but rather from the GSA procurement process.

"We purchase products through state-sponsored programs whenever we can," wrote Tyree.  "The Governor has suggested strongly that we use state bid programs whenever we can."

This was after I was told by the assistant superintendent that they were "required" to buy proprietary materials for the type of roof they had.  This is total hog wash, and they know it!

Blaming the governor won't work either, Mr. Tyree!  

Tyree told quite a number of stories about the no-bid purchase to the radio audience today, and I'm here to set the record straight.  I do appreciate the publicity, because I'm getting more hits from the Plymouth area than I can keep up with because of it.

After being confronted with the facts that he paid exorbitant prices for roofing materials that could have been purchased for much less, Tyree tried to justify the expense by saying they purchased a quality roof and that he would offer no apologies for spending more money for it.  He made an analogy of purchasing a Lincoln rather than an inferior model car.

Are you really that dumb to believe such a thing, Mr. Tyree?  It just isn't true, but I suspect you already know that.  You're caught in a position now of having to explain to school patrons why you made such a foolish purchase.  

I responded by saying that the same quality products could have been purchased from Johns Manville or Firestone for much less while supporting Indiana business interests.  Plymouth tax dollars were sent to an Ohio-based roofing manufacturer while Indiana manufacturers were shut out of the competition.

Let's assume for a moment that it was a legal purchase.  Giving you the benefit of the doubt, it still doesn't clear up the stupidity of paying $108,000 more for two products that could have been purchased from a Indiana-based manufacturer with a stellar reputation for turning out top-of-line roofing products.  Imagine how much could have been saved for the entire purchase!

In addition, I offered information that Johns Manville has three manufacturing plants in Indiana, and had plans to build an additional plant, but because they are being shut out of the competition by these nonsensical no-bid purchases by school corporations, it was consequently moved to a neighboring state along with hundreds of jobs.

Firestone, a world-wide manufacturer of roofing products, is also being shut out of the competition, and its world headquarters is located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

I explained to the listeners that this issue is currently a topic of concern with Indiana business executives, who have turned to legislators and government officials for help in eliminating what they deem to be unfair business practices.

Taxpayers are also complaining since they are the ones who are continuing to get hosed.

I don't expect people like Dan Tyree to agree with everything I say, but is it too much to expect that he at least act like a professional in public?  I was appalled by his unprofessional behavior and arrogant attitude, and it's just more proof that educators are not competent or capable of running multi-million dollar corporations.

When Tyree and others treat taxpayers rudely by attacking them personally, and when they make unsound business decisions, such as the one described, it's time to reconsider the idea of replacing them with real businessmen.

If Donald Trump were running the Plymouth School District, I have no doubt that Daniel Tyree would be fired!

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