Friday, April 1, 2011

A Cut & Paste From Dare Hawes

Dan Tyree
Since Superintendent Dan Tyree publicly attacked Dare Hawes, a Plymouth activist-taxpayer, I am offering her this opportunity to respond.

And for the record, I attempted to privately warn Tyree about the controversy surrounding the no-bid roofing materials, but unfortunately for Plymouth area taxpayers, he didn't listen.  I will not be deterred by his threats.

Open letter to Plymouth Citizens who genuinely care about our public schools.....from Dare Hawes

A few comments in regard to the statements made by Tony and Dan on the 3/31/11 “What’s Your Opinion Show” in their discussion with Mrs. Diana Vice regarding the most questionable PCS roofing contract with Tremco.

First, Tony, why does it matter if Mrs. Vice talked to me or not? As she clearly told you, she had never heard of/ talked with/ or exchanged emails with me until AFTER she wrote her first expose blog about Dan and Roger’s questionable actions in regard to the roofing fiasco--- that is in fact occurring in more than one public school system?

I did post a response to her first PCS blog—to which I signed my name –only after several other properly concerned PLYMOUTH PATRONS alerted me to its existence. This blog was on what Mrs. Vice’s conscientious research had uncovered about more wasteful, superfluous expense to we taxpayers that Dan and Roger have yet again perpetuated.

Why did Dan seek to discredit Mrs. Vice because of her association with me, after the fact? When, please tell, have I ever in reality been rude, dishonest, or irate with any of you, including Dan? When have I ever been unreasonable in my actions or words? Certainly you do not believe all the gossip put out by Dan and others who again are just seeking to attack the messenger to keep the Public from hearing a serious message? Why does Dan and his board persistently refuse as professionals to have an adult conversation regarding the critical message that I and others have properly dared to persistently bring to the public’s attention? It is obvious to anyone who knows the facts, or knows me, that I am simply an educated citizen who properly seeks for our public school leaders, Dan in particular as well as his school board, to truly act with integrity—not just tout it for PR as they do--- for the welfare of our educational community: students, teachers, administrators, and supportive staff. 

Am I wrong when I learn our superintendent has lied, to seek to address that privately—until he and the local media forces me to go public?  Am I wrong when I learn our superintendent has spent hours on a PCS computer viewing and documenting 304 pages of 8x10” color pornography to out him—when he has forced the resignations or fired others under his employ for far less? Am I wrong to question if criminal actions have been committed by our superintendent when testimony, documentation, and professional analysis all firmly support that suspicion? Am I wrong to state he is lying, when he is, and has, and most likely will in the future—as based on facts, not hearsay? Am I wrong to persistently seek with others to do what is right and in accordance with our laws for the sincere welfare of our community? To protect it, not harm it—a community our family has been an integral part of for over 36 years? A place I was once proud to call home?

You know, this entire lives-devastating mess could have been so easily, quickly, and cost effectively resolved if Dan and his board had just provided proper and expedient access to critical computer records, and been willing to even once sit down with we as respected, intelligent citizens for an adult conversation to seek just resolution to the controversy this school board and Tyree, Hill, Condon, and Benge’s actions have caused . . .  . . . BUT Tyree and his board has always persistently since 10/07 refused, arrogantly lying about that refusal to the media as recently as 12/09--- manipulating you—the local media-- to help cover up his unethical and possibly criminal wrongs. Those records would have immediately proven if Dan was telling the truth, or lying. So, why does he not provide them? Why does he not dare to prove us wrong with the documented facts? Because, he can not.

Dan said on air that I was wanting him to go to prison. That is a lie. I have never said that. I do not want him to go to prison. All I and the 100 plus other citizens who have sought to properly resolve this debacle is for the truth to be made known, and for those—which includes far more than just Dan—who have allegedly violated our laws and our school community to be justly held  accountable and o right the wrongs they have committed.  Am I wrong for that desire? I am not.

Tyree has publicly complained about how my and now Mrs. Vice’s pursuit of accountability regarding his alleged corruption is costing Plymouth Community Schools “a lot of money,” manipulatively painting us as the bad guys.  I ask, sincerely, what about the $25,000 of public monies Tyree and his board authorized to pay just their Indianapolis attorney to unethically prohibit these vital records from revealing the truth regarding their alleged computer tampering on PCS computers? That publicly retained attorney-- paid 100's per hour with our tax dollars --was suppose to protect our school system, NOT the sole interests of Dan and his board. And I stress the word "his"....Dan and his men have no doubt been self-serving, not student-serving. Their persistent actions have willfully sacrificed the genuine moral welfare of our educational community. As I have written previously,  educators--especially school superintendents-- are to be positive role models for our entire community, not just our kids. In my sad opinion, based on his actions and words, Dan is neither.

Tell me, please, where I have erred—as based on the facts of my fully documented words and actions. By God’s grace alone I have no regrets for how I have conducted myself in this most troublesome issue. Before one slurs an individual’s  character, one should carefully examine the facts—not listen to liars.

Most sincerely,
Mrs. Dare Hawes