Friday, April 1, 2011

Dan Tyree Says He Was Wrong About Bidding Process & Continues to Tell Falsehoods About Releasing Public Records

Here's Dan Tyree's latest Facebook message to me.  Now, he is now saying that he has email documentation that he provided public records to me via an email file, which I will swear under oath that he did not.  His earlier message said he "sent" the records to me along with a $100 zip drive.

I have never received any public records from the Plymouth School District either by mail or electronic form, and my Internet provider can prove that I did not receive this via email.  If I had received it, believe me, the documentation would have already been posted to this blog.

I requested to inspect the records and was told by Mr. Smith that he would make them available to me and would like the opportunity to go over them with me during a visit that I was to arrange at a later date.  I have never had a school district offer to provide materials free of charge.

By stating that he gave me these materials, including a $100 flash drive, Tyree set a new precedent.  Since they must treat all taxpayers the same, any taxpayer should now be able to receive free copies for records.

I have no doubt that Dan Tyree is now trying to manipulate someone to produce phony records, but the truth will prevail.  Tyree is trying to cover for the lies he told on the radio station when he didn't think I was listening.  These are the acts of a desperate man who is obviously trying to cover his tracks.

Daniel Tyree April 1 at 2:46pm Report
The email of requested materials was sent to you on February 4. The flash drive was downloaded into the email on a zip file. I'm sure you know, we have to keep a copy of all of our emails and we had the techs recover it today. We've posted on The Plymouth Truth. Once again, you were wrong and I was right.

I will admit that I gave you the wrong information at one time. I thought we had used the state price because we had talked about doing that. In reality, Rodger Smith and David Schoof had gone through a bid process. I apologize for giving your the wrong information on the materials bid process.

First of all, flash drives cannot be downloaded into an email file.  How could Dan send me a $100 flash drive via email?  Secondly, compare this to his earlier message to me today.  Which is it, Dan?  It can't be both.  Are you having trouble keeping your lies straight?

Dan Tyree's earlier email:
 Not only did we send you the papers, but we also sent you a flash drive that should have cost you $100. We sent it at no charge, nor did we charge for anything else, and nor will we charge for your recent request