Saturday, April 2, 2011

Guest Column by Dare Hawes: Setting the Record Straight Against Dan Tyree's Unprofessional and Bizarre Attacks

The following was written by Dare Hawes, a Plymouth citizen, who has been repeatedly maligned by Superintendent Dan Tyree in violation of the Indiana Superintendents' Code of Ethics. 

Day Tyree Spews More Venom
Ironically on the “Plymouth Truth” blog, Plymouth Superintendent Dan Tyree again stated many things that were definitely not the truth---and clearly a willful attempt to discredit Mrs. Vice’s facts and make unthinking individuals think he has done no wrong. This is distressing. We all want our public school leaders to be men of integrity and transparent. Truthful men. After all, our children spend 13 years in public school developing their character as well as their mind under the influence of public educators. Mr. Tyree has repeatedly stated publicly that he is transparent, has integrity, and is genuine. A highly respected Plymouth citizen (a former coach who is in the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame ) once wisely told me,  “If you have integrity, there is no need to tell anyone.”  That, readers, is truth.

What particularly troubles me about Mr.Tyree’s present falsehoods is the following:

In this 4/1/11 most twisted “Plymouth Truth” blog, at 3:15 P.M. Mr. Tyree invites responsive comments, but only subject to his approval for his publication. 

At 4/1/11 at 4:08 Anonymous responded to Tyree’s blog site by stating:
      She (Mrs. Vice) apparently has no life since she spends her time trying to dig up dirt on numerous individuals all over the state. She claims that she is saving taxpayers money, but one should wonder how much money and time she wastes by demanding information for her witch hunts. She claims to be such a holier than thou Christian but her blog is anything but Christian. She is a venomous snake!”

Mr. Tyree has knowingly and willfully allowed this mean-spirited, slanderous comment by Anonymous to remain on his “Plymouth Truth” blog.

Please compare that with the fact that Superintendent Tyree chastised Mrs. Vice for removing a similar mean-spirited, slanderous comment from her own blog, submitted by Anonymous. It is curious and most revealing, that Tyree first knew about Mrs. Vice removing this comment; a secondly, he publicly chastised Mrs. Vice for that removal of this comment---when he asserted to her with clear irritation the following:
   Now listen! A citizen from Plymouth (How did Tyree know the anonymous blogger was from Plymouth?) wrote on your blog and you took it off because they didn’t agree with you (How/ why did Tyree know Anonymous did not agree with her, when the comment was only on very briefly?), and then you have Mrs. Hawes who has been writing about superintendents here for 20 years and you leave her on!  Now when you start doing things like that I start questioning, I start questioning, you and your ability to be fair and impartial and listen to all sides.
                                                                                                                     (quote from WTCA tape)
It appears Superintendent Tyree IS in fact the same Mr. Anonymous on this particular venomous email removed by Mrs. Vice from her blog site. It is important to note that when Mrs. Vice responded in her blog to Tyree’s WTCA tirade, she stated:
     I also want to answer a question you asked me on the radio yesterday.  You wondered why I deleted your comment on my blog while leaving the one left by taxpayers up.  It's simple.  You launched a personal, mean-spirited attack against a private citizen, which violates the ethical code for superintendents.  Others raised public interest issues while calling the actions of a public official into account.  I can't help it that you happen to be the public official.  I didn't do stupid things.  You did.” 
                                                                                                         (from Vice Blog, 3:01 Pinocchio’s Nose)

When Mrs. Vice referred to these comments as being Tyree’s-- he never denied writing them.

You might find it interesting, and revealing, to learn what Anonymous-Tyree’s unprofessional, venomous comments he left on Mrs. Vice’s blog site were . . . This is an exact quote:
“Dare Hawes is a screaming idiot who has terrorized teachers, principals, and superintendents in Plymouth since she did not get a job teaching art. I was on the committee that did not choose Mrs. Hawes as an art teacher, however, she claims that she talked to me and I and the others supported her as the choice.

Mrs. Hawes and others that bad mouth Plymouth Schools: go away. The only corruptions is that the first amendment allows idiots like Mrs. Hawes and the other contributors to this Blog to write whatever they want without a shed of accountability.

Hey, Mrs. Tea Party, do you really think the framers of our constitution were thinking about you and this blog when they wrote the first amendment. I think they would turn over in their graves.”

Mrs. Vice sent Tyree’s irate email to me only on my insistence as I wrote this today.  Anonymous- Tyree lied yet again in his assertions. I won’t go into the details, but it is necessary for me to briefly explain the following:
1. I as a stay-at-home-by-choice mom (in the late 1980s) was on justly upset because of the
    unethical, unprofessional  way  in which the hiring decision was made for this one-day-a week 
    position. (An unlicensed, untrained individual was employed to teach art to our students)       
2. Tyree was not on that committee. The one man who was on this committee did not write this
    current blog as Dan sought to not-so-craftily imply. 
3. I never said Dan, especially as he was not on this committee, or the others supported me. The
    Acting-Assistant Superintendent forbid them to express their professional opinion on who should be
    selected, in clear violation of the then recently adopted PCS hiring policy—a policy that was not a
    “recommendation” but basically school  law.
4. Tyree at that time as PEA vice-president signed a statement asserting he witnessed (with others) 
    the Acting-Assistant Superintendent’s admitting his lie about this hiring committee’s selection.

I still possess Tyree’s signed statement in this regard, that definitely refutes what he has now again dishonestly told the public in his anonymous and slanderous blog tirade. (Remember signing it in the PHS teachers’ lounge, Dan?) All the documentation that further proves Tyree is now lying about that sad historical event still exists. That incident occurred only after I with four other women had successfully led a community-wide effort to establish a just, equitable hiring policy for PCS—as there was no previous written hiring policy! The serious need for this policy was publicly realized after the former superintendent hired 14 teachers based on blackballing, favoritism, and nepotism—not their true credentials-- in two years time. This is a lot more than readers needed to know, except the pattern of Tyree lying is fully documented.

Tyree publicly berated Mrs. Vice for removing his venomous comments from her blog, and she gave reasonable reasons for that removal, as I shared above. He has chosen to leave venomous comments on his “Plymouth Truth” blog, as I shared above. However, what troubles me is that I shared my citizen’s comments on his “Plymouth Truth” blog—three times—(Signed. I don’t believe in being anonymous.) and he persistently refuses to approve my comments. Why? Are they venomous like his? Decide for yourselves. Here is my submission to Dan’s blog that he will not approve:

The “Plymouth Truth” espoused by our superintendent regarding the WTCA talk show is full of falsehoods, as can and will be proven in due time. This is all so sad—for Dan and for our community.

Please listen carefully to the 3/31/11 WTCA program (as Dan urges readers to do). Despite the rude and unprofessional treatment Mrs. Vice received, she was gracious and most knowledgeable of her researched subject. She, understandably frustrated with Dan’s manipulation of the documented facts, did end the conversation when it was not going anywhere positive due to Dan’s leadership. She was wise and gracious to end it when she did. (She was speaking for the Public’s welfare, not Dan’s.)

Yet again, Dan has falsified the facts. I never knew anything about Mrs. Vice or her statewide efforts to uncover public corruption. I never fueled this issue (Why does Dan keep giving me such power?). Those in the Indiana roofing industry exposed this additional corruption by our school board and administrators. Now, like a can of worms, other disturbing facts communicated by a host of other citizens are currently ringing Mrs. Vice’s phone off her wall.

Again, this is all so sad. May God do as He has promised to those who act unjustly. Please pray for Dan, for our Plymouth school leaders, as well as our Nation. Proverbs 6:16 -19.”

Why does Dan refuse to publish this on his blog while he disdains Mrs. Vice for removing his on hers?
In my opinion, Dan is full of double standards, on what serves or doesn’t serve him.

What is sad is that our leaders, our publicly entrusted school board --Todd Samuelson, Larry Pinkerton, Frank Brubaker, Melissa Christiansen, and Larry Holloway—and  our superintendents Dan & Roger Smith have consistently refused to act in the sincere interests of our educational community in regards to one too many issues. In my opinion, based on facts, they have too often only acted in self-promoting or self-protecting interest. Dan’s obvious unprofessional, unethical, and possibly criminal  behavior should be cause for his instant dismissal (or at least suspension without pay until these matters are legally resolved) ------instead of the numerous former respected PCS employees (educators, coaches, custodians, and techies)-- he has forced out in a childish power play. I fear our educational community is morally bankrupt because of this present leadership.  

Most sincerely,

Dare Hawes


Diana Vice said...

Thank you, Dare, for setting the record straight.

In all my years of being a community activist, I have never seen anything like this. Dan Tyree's unprofessional and irrational behavior is extremely bizarre.

Raising questions about public expenditures is the American way, and for him to react violently to taxpayers the way he has only raises more suspicions. What else is he trying to hide?

He can continue to call me names, but it will not deter me. In fact, it encourages me to keep on digging.

Diana Vice said...

Mr. Tyree,

For the records, my "witch hunts" as you call them, are certainly not random or arbitrary. I was alerted to activities in Plymouth by concerned citizens and taxpayers who asked me to look into the fact that you spent $400,000 for roofing materials that could have been purchased for much less. Helping others when asked is something any good Christian would do.

You also shut Indiana business interests out of the competition with your foolish purhcase, Mr. Tyree, and they are not happy about it either.

I am the least of your worries, Mr. Tyree, so rather than spend hours on the Internet reading my blog, it might be beneficial if you would brush up on the Code of Ethics that you continue to violate.

Believe me, I'd much rather be baking cookies with my grandchildren, but people like you, who continue to waste tax dollars foolishly, are forcing people like me to investigate your folly.

Calling me names for doing what any good citizen has the right to do is not going to discourage my activities; it only serves to fuel them. I'm tenacious and thorough, but I'm sure since you've talked to other wayward superintendents in the state, you already know that.

Have a good day, Mr. Tyree, and don't forget to take care of those public records requests that I asked for within the proper time frame. I really don't like bothering the Public Access Counselor if I don't have to.

Diana Vice said...

I have another question for Dan Tyree. When I confronted you on the radio program about not receiving any of the public records that you obviously lied about sending me, why did you remain silent? Wouldn't that have been the time to respond with the stories that you came up with later? The fact that you changed versions of your story, and the fact that I requested to inspect the materials, is solid proof that you lied to the radio audience. The real proof is the fact that my computer never received public records.

Rather than concoct one lie after another, why not just own up to the truth like a man? Everyone I have spoken to has told me that it was obvious to them that you lied about it. Your stories are flimsy at best. You can deny all you want, Mr. Tyree, but no one believes you.

Unknown said...

Keep up the good work Diana!

-blessed holy socks, the non-perishable-zealot said...

God bless you and all who stand for what the Revolutionary War was fought for - see ‘DeeWormer' first. And, as Gandhi once sed, 'Let's kick some ass' --- The funny thing is, now I’m on BIG, BAD Janet’s list of bloody terrorists even though I’m a head-injured-wetard for speak’n the TRUTH. Most of U.S. are controlled, conformed, condemned to walking ‘the Wall’ to our demise. Think summore past the vastly impotent, world government; don’t do the suicidal, whorizontal reality; and please don’t get played like a HAARP. Hope you got something outta this I-candy.