Friday, April 1, 2011

The Lies Get Bigger as Pinocchio's Nose Grows Longer

Wow, Dan Tyree is getting desperate.  Now, he says he sent me a $100 flash drive.  Are you serious, Dan?  Now, I know what Plymouth School patrons are saying about you is true.  This is another bold face lie.  I haven't received a single scrap of material from you, including a flash drive.  Check my email again, Dan.  I said I wanted to inspect the records, not receive them.  Had you sent me a flash drive, I'm sure you would have declared it to the radio audience yesterday.

Like I said earlier, I can pass a lie detector test.  Can you?

Here's the latest unprofessional message I received from Dan Tyree.  Can you imagine doing a background check on this guy for potential employment?  He has serious ethical issues.

Not only did we send you the papers, but we also sent you a flash drive that should have cost you $100. We sent it at no charge, nor did we charge for anything else, and nor will we charge for your recent request. What about your promise of confidentiality? You don't keep your promises do you Diana? I was concerned about that so I didn't call you to ask questions. It's too bad that we couldn't have sat down and hashed through all of this, but then you wouldn't have had anything for your Blog. No, I'm not going to write letters to the editor. So, write all you want on your Blog. We all know the truth and it sets me free.
 And to answer your question, Dan.  I didn't have a chance to keep a promise since you didn't follow through with your request to discuss this issue with me.

I also want to answer a question you asked me on the radio yesterday.  You wondered why I deleted your comment on my blog while leaving the one left by taxpayers up.  It's simple.  You launched a personal, mean-spirited attack against a private citizen, which violates the ethical code for superintendents.  Others raised public interest issues while calling the actions of a public official into account.  I can't help it that you happen to the public official.  I didn't do stupid things.  You did.