Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why Won't Superintendent Day Tyree Release Legal Opinion? Did He Mislead Taxpayers? Is Pinnochio's Nose Growing Longer?

Dan Tyree
Once again, taxpayers find themselves frustrated by Dan Tyree's lack of honesty as he attempts to defend himself against criticism for a controversial roofing project that is costing Plymouth taxpayers much more than it should have.

Tyree defended his actions via a local radio talk show when he touted a legal opinion that he reportedly received from "an Indianapolis attorney" stating that everything was on the up and up.

It seems that such an opinion may not exist since Tyree refuses to produce the alleged legal opinion.

"The letter you requested is protected by attorney client privilege," wrote Tyree to a Plymouth taxpayer.  "There was no invoice for services."

After the taxpayer persisted with her request for the Indianapolis attorney's legal opinion, Tyree claimed that the alleged opinion was actually drafted by Ed Ruiz, a local attorney, but why won't he release it?

Show us the proof, Dan!  And why did you say that you had an opinion from an Indy attorney if it wasn't true?  Why should anyone believe anything you say if you can't back it up with proof?  More importantly, why do taxpayers in Plymouth put up with this nonsense?

Which is it, Dan, and why are you having trouble keeping your stories straight?  Could it be that your lies are catching up with you?

Taxpayers also asked Tyree to produce invoices for the legal opinion.  He responded by saying there were none.  Seriously, Dan?  Do you think taxpayers are gullible enough to believe that a lawyer would do this type of work pro bono?

If there is such a legal opinion, why won't you produce it, Dan?  If what you did was legal, wouldn't you want the whole world to read the legal basis for your actions? 

Could it be there is none?  Could it be that you foolishly spent thousands of dollars for items that could have been purchased for much less?  Could it be that you did not put the materials out for public bid?  Could it be that you're trying to hide your negligence from the taxpaying public? 

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