Friday, May 13, 2011

Guest Column: John Oliver's Threats to A Private Citizen

In response to my May 8th blog outing John Oliver in the Plymouth corruption mess, more "bullying" has come to light. He is particularly interested in silencing citizen Dare Hawes, and continues to slander her in the process. It seems Mr. Oliver is threatened by Mrs. Hawes' quiet but persistent effort to hold school administrators accountable to follow the law for the welfare of her community. I have read some of Mr. Oliver's previous letters to Mrs. Hawes over the years--each of the same degree of mental capacity. Their most recent exchange reveals both Mr. Oliver's and Mrs. Hawes' true character.

In a certified letter sent by John Oliver to Dare Hawes dated May 3, 2011 he said:

"Dare, despite my demand that you cease using me in your conspiracy theories you continue to do so.

This is my last demand before I take more assertive action. Be assured if you include me in ANY furture rumor, theory or other concoction to advance your hatred and hypocrisy I will do all in my power to stop your vicious attempts to smear my name and character.

Stop. Now."

John J. Oliver

Mrs. Hawes has shared that she recalls no demands made by Mr. Oliver and that his concern about any so-called "conspiracy theory" is bizarre. Does Mr. Oliver care to explain himself? Professionally, and as a gentleman?

Hawes' immediate, gracious response to his letter follows:

Dear John:

Thank you for your threatening letter received today--it provided some welcome information.  However, would you please provide evidence of my using you in "conspiracy theories" ---as I have no clue to what you are emotionally referring. I deal in facts and documentation, John. Other than repeating what numerous other citizens have often stated, and what is a common belief in the community, that you "own the paper and the radio station" --and exercise great power and influence over folks who give you that power, what have I in fact said that is "hateful and full of hypocrisy" or part of a conspiracy theory?  I would sincerely like to know  from documented evidence. If I am proven guility of such actions/ words---I will sincerely publicly apologize to you. If instead you are simply ruffled because I have said things that you do not like to hear or that you disagree with, or frighten you---or that you don't wish other folks to know--that is your problem not mine.

FYI--as to the local paper and radio being influenced, I just learned to day--as is fully documented-- that most if not all emails I have ever sent to Kathy Bottoroff (WTCA radio) or the Pilot News via Carol Anders, have been sent straight to  Dan (Tyree--PCS Superintendent), and I thus assume made available to you. Your emails to Dan have been most revealing, I might add. Disturbing might be a better word.

Seeking only to do the hard right rather than the easy wrong for our community in these two specific educational issues--alleged computer tampering and roofing scams---an endeavor which I wish you would join me on rather than oppose...... 

Most sincerely,


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