Friday, May 27, 2011

Plymouth Insiders Say Black Mold Growing at Plymouth High School

A note from an insider....

URGENT! Plymouth Community School Maintenance Director David Schoof---

         PLEASE immediately check out the black mold still growing at Plymouth HIgh School! Our teachers students and teachers' health may be at serious risk!

"Some believe that certain molds (such as so-called "black mold") can cause a host of signs and symptoms such as fatigue, headache, nausea, fever, rashes and coughing ..."  Mayo Clinic

"...for a number of practical and logical reasons, the possibility that some portion of any group exposed to molds will suffer adverse health effects can never be ruled out when mold is found growing in occupied areas. Given that there is considerable uncertainty about the health consequences of exposure to contaminants from indoor problems, it is recommended that any mold growing inside be regarded as a sign of a potential (current or future) health hazard that should be corrected properly as soon as possible."    Environmental Structural Solutions

                                    Plymouth Citizens afraid to be identified for fear of retribution from PCS administrators

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