Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Plymouth School Attorney To Resign; Citizens Demand Answers and Action

Dan Tyree

To: Plymouth Community School Board Members c/o Melissa Christian
CC: IAG Greg Zoeller c/o Staci Schneider; IDOE Superintendent Tony Bennett c/o Long, Bowman,
Re: Inconsistency of Board’s Biased Actions to the detriment of PCS personnel/ community
Date: May 17, 2011
From: Dare Hawes et al

Ed Ruiz’s resignation is on the board agenda for this evening’s meeting. Assumedly, this resignation is the result of Mr. Ruiz’s fully documented unprofessional, unethical conduct as documented in his email exchanges with a Plymouth school patron. Though regretful, such a resignation is only appropriate as based on the facts.

Most regretfully, based on the information made available to myself, you as the PCS board have accepted numerous other resignations of approximately twenty other former PCS staff members in the past four years, wherein these particular resignations were reportedly based on faulty  even “trumped up” reasons by central administrators. Unlike Mr. Ruiz’s basis for dismissal, these reasons for pressured resignations or out right firings were reportedly unjust, biased and made by a few, too powerful central administrators (Dan Tyree and John Hill)  for self-serving not student-serving reasons.  According to the grievous testimony of these personally injured, hard –working, respected individuals—they have been forced out as part of an intentional effort to serve and protect only the self-interests of certain administrators---interests that reflect possible corruption in the administrative practices of this public school community.

The responsibility of these injurious injustices to former respected teachers, coaches, computer techies, and custodians lays squarely in your hands. You are ultimately responsible for the welfare of our school community, and the wrongs committed against these fellow citizens was possible only by your PCS board decisions . . . ..Twenty individuals. Twenty lives. Twenty homes that you have willfully devastated.

You are even more responsible for the willfully unresolved but blatant issue of Dan Tyree’s unprofessional, unethical, corrupt behaviors in—at the least-- his falsified, fully documented letter that he wrote on May 6, 2008. You as a board and as individuals have repeatedly and willfully chosen to ignore these persistent., significantly  substantiated allegations of--at the very least-- professional misconduct  that were consistently and properly brought to you privately; and then because of your repeated refusal to respond responsibly—these citizens’ valid complaints were forced to be brought to you publicly. You willfully chose to let citizens’ validated public requests for an investigation of  Mr. Tyree’s despicable conduct  regarding pornography die for lack of a motion, while you then immediately thereafter with adulation rolled over his contract. This indeed was bizarre, irrational  conduct by yourselves.

PCS Superintendent Dan Tyree’s contemptible fully documented actions of accessing, selecting, and then printing approximately 304 pages of 8 x 10” color pornography on OUR public school computers, using public school paper, on public school time, with the assistance of a public school female secretary is most despicable behavior of a most public role model for our children and community—especially when these conniving actions were perpetuated in an effort to further falsely accuse another individual. John Oliver wrote  Dan Tyree “You are the highest public profile figure in Marshall County. The rules are different for you.” Mr. Oliver is right. The rules should be higher and stricter for publicly entrusted leaders . . . ..especially to those to whom we entrust our children.

How come, dear PCS board members, have you as individuals consistently and willfully chosen to ignore these glaring unethical behaviors of our school superintendent, while you  choose blindly and consistently  to endorse continued wrongs on (now-former) PCS employees who have faithfully served our school community honorably-- by forcing their resignations solely at the command of one who has not proven to be trustworthy? Tonight, please do the right thing for our community. Address this corruption or resign.

And please note, state offiicals have been no more responsible than you thus far in addressing these disturbing issues in our public schools--to the harm of all our public welfare. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

FYI this appeal is being sent to concerned citizens via Mrs. Vice’s blog  due to your historical chosen silence to citizens’ justified pleas, and since our local small-town paper and radio appear by their actions to be blindly biased.

With all due respect,

Dare Hawes et al

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