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Plymouth School Officials Engaged in Behind-the-Scenes Activity With Tremco Rep. Was an open bid process compromised?

Dan Tyree
Taxpayers are wondering if the bid process for school roof jobs at Plymouth Schools was really open and honest since eyebrow raising emails were disclosed after this blogger made a public access request for the public records.

The first email was written on August 23, 2010.  Doug Copley, a Tremco sales rep wrote to Dave Schoof and Rodger Smith of Plymouth Schools:

Hi Dave-

I hope you had a nice weekend!  I guess they're all good!

Per our conversation, attached you will find the federal Davis Bacon wage scale for Marshall County.  I'd be happy to sit down with you in order to help develop the same style specifications that we'll be using on the roofing end.  We use a "master spec" format which is very easy for contractors to use and a tool that will help you receive, qualified, apples to apples bids.

Please let me know if you'd like to work together on this.

Thanks Dave!

Doug Copley
Tremco, Incorporated

Don't you think it's inappropriate for a Tremco rep to "help" develop specifications?  Is it legal?  Is it any wonder Tremco got the work?  Is it any wonder that Indiana roofing manufacturers are complaining about being shut out of the competition?  Oh, but there's more....lots more....

Doug Copley (Tremco) to Rodger Smith (Plymouth Schools) on October 27, 2010:

Hi Rodger-

I hope you're doing well!  It sure is starting to feel like fall, doesn't it?  Fall's not bad, it's just that nasty season that follows really stinks!

I wanted to see if you wanted to have a roof update meeting?  I have some pretty solid data regarding how much we'll be able to save and wondered if you wanted to talk about it prior to the 11-18 meeting?  I could do lunch Tuesday if you'd have a few minutes?

Thanks Rodger!

Doug Copley, Tremco

Doug Copley Tremco to Dave Schoof on November 28, 2010:

Hi Dave-

Hope you had a great turkey day!  It was nice to see ND get a road win over USC.

I wanted to see if you'd have time to meet to go over the spec?  I'd like to help with your portion.


Doug Copley, Tremco

Now, I just bet that Doug would like to help with the spec that he wants to bid on, but how ethical would that be?  School officials apparently aren't letting a little thing like ethics get in the way of their tax and spend spree.

Here's an interesting email exchange between Rodger Smith and Tremco's Doug Copley dated January 20, 2011.  I'm assuming the Mr. Palmer that is referenced is a sales rep for Tremco competitor, Johns Manville.  Copley also lists a phone number for a Lawmaster rep.  Lawmaster is Tremco's subcontractor who was recently awarded the roof work for Plymouth Schools.  Looks like tangled webs were being spun back in January.

"Hi Rodger-

Glad to hear the IT issues are squared away!  I'm not exactly "Mr Techy" thus I'm happy to hear it was an issue with your server (as opposed to a virus or problem with my computer).  Needless to say, computers are great when they work!

Per our conversation, attached you will find the revised "Mr. Palmer Feedback".  Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Lee Anglin's (Lawmasters) number is 574-320-5653.

Thanks Rodger!

Doug Copley

Here's another email from Copley wherein he discusses running over budget on the High School project.  That's interesting since it hadn't even been put out for public bid yet.

Good Morning Rodger

It sure feels like fall this morning, eh...My windshield was completely frosted over...lovely.

While preparing for Thursday night's meeting, a question arose.  I'm wondering if we run a little over on the HS project, but under on Lincoln and Jefferson, will we be ok?  I wasn't exactly sure if we need to stick to the numbers, originally designated for each building, or if we simply need to be under the total number?  Lastly, what time would you like me to arrive on Thursday?

Thanks Rodger!

Doug Copley, Tremco

Reply from Smith to Copley:

A little over or under won't be a problem.  We will need to stick to the over all total, but we will have the contingency funds that were budgeted for much higher design costs.
The meeting starts at 7:00 PM, the hearing will be later in the agenda so just plan to be here shortly before 7. Remember we want the info to be short and sweet.  You and Dave will handle the project.  Technically the hearing is only about PHS but answering questions about any roof is OK.

This is part I in a series.  The emails to come are even more revealing!  Just wait until you hear who the Indy attorney was that said this was legal.  Hint:  He was the same attorney who advised Tremco and the Wilson Education Center that the AEPA/ESC no-bid scheme was legal, and the same one who was paid handsomely by Tremco.  How do you spell conflict-of-interest?

Find out which prominent Plymouth citizen has been advising Tyree behind the scenes and what has he been saying about others that he might not want them to hear?  Who did he threaten with a "silver bullet?"

Find out who helped Plymouth School officials apply for federal stimulus money to be used for the overpriced roofs.

Which former Plymouth School Superintendent was sent by Dan Tyree on a mission to dig up dirt on this blogger and what did he report back? 

It's news you won't get anywhere else, especially since the emails also reveal that Plymouth media personnel are also in league with school officials behind the scenes.  There's scandal after scandal just waiting to be reported.  It's too bad Plymouth citizens can't count on their local media to print the truth.

Citizens of Plymouth may want to Google search the term, "Qui Tam."  I hear there's talk of filing one against your school district soon.


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