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U. S. Granules CEO Threatens Private Citizens With "Silver Bullet" While Insulting Others in Emails to Superintendent Dan Tyree

John J. Oliver, Sr.
Small towns sometimes breed the biggest bullies, and some Plymouth residents say those bullies are spoiling their quaint, little hometown.

I've been told that one such bully is John J. Oliver, Sr., President of U.S. Granules, located in Plymouth, Indiana.  Oliver is also a good friend of another purported town bully, Plymouth School Superintendent Dan Tyree.  I've also been told that the town bullies love to wield their perceived power around town and that Oliver is very generous with his money when it comes to doling it out to friends and political allies.

I had no reason to doubt these reports since they came from several individuals over the past few weeks, but the real proof for me came in the form of emails that I finally received this week after making a public records request well over a month ago.

On March 12, 2011, an email exchange was initiated by WTCA radio personnel to John Oliver, which was forwarded to Dan Tyree with this note by Oliver. 

"Anything you want me to talk about before you appear on the show on the 31st?, asked Oliver.  "By the way, John Stone is a certified asshole!"

[Stone is a private citizen in Plymouth who had the audacity to raise questions about the roofing controversy.  Don't folks in Plymouth know they should fork over their tax dollars and never ask questions as to how those dollars are spent?!  Maybe John Stone should talk to a good lawyer.]

"Yes, I will get you some information," replied Tyree.

A couple days later, on March 14, 2011, Tyree wrote to WTCA radio personnel about the roofing controversy:

"I talked with Jennifer Houin last night and gave her the bids for the materials in question.  We took the best bid and she knows that now.  The Blog is comparing a lesser quality product.  I will have this all ready to lay out for folks on the show after break.  I just wanted to keep you in the loop.  Is there anyone else I should touch base with.  I'm not calling John Stone.  He doesn't listen to logic.  His wife is a different story.  She's pretty smart."

Perhaps what Tyree is really saying is that John doesn't listen to lies since a comparison of roofing materials that were purchased by Tyree would reveal that all are equally comparable products, and in some cases, exact products manufactured at the same plant!  Sounds like John Stone is a pretty smart guy to question the foolish actions of Tyree and the boys.

I can't say the same about the media personnel in Plymouth since they served more as cheerleaders for Tyree rather than independent, unbiased journalists.  In fact, the radio and newspaper personnel involved in this story should be embarrassed and ashamed by their lack of professionalism.

Here's a reply from to Tyree:

"Sounds great.  I was shocked when I saw it, believe it or not, three people sent this to me.  I was surprised by those who are believing this."

Looks like the news gal already had her mind made up and it is obvious she wasn't going to be bothered with any facts.  I think the people of Plymouth deserve better than this.

Oh, and by the way, I doubt the folks at Johns Manville, a Fortune 500 Company owned by Berkshire Hathaway, are taking too kindly to Tyree calling their products "lesser quality."  Had Tyree purchased roofing materials from Manville, Carlisle, or Firestone, taxpayers could have saved approximately $300,000!  This was discovered after making an apples to apples comparison.  No amount of spinning the truth will change those facts.

Tyree consulted with John J. Oliver, Sr. again on April 5, 2011.  During the email exchange, Tyree wrote, "I made the decision this weekend that I will no longer write a reaction to anything on my Blog or hers.  What are your thoughts about ending comments on my Blog this Friday since the comments have strayed to other subjects?"

Oliver responds with vulgarities and a very chilling offer:

"I tend to agree with Sarah, DH and DV are trolls and need to be fed.  Cut off their nourishment and they're left to hump each other.  The very thought nauseates," wrote Oliver.

Oliver continues, "I applaud your ability to think beyond your instincts.  Stick with Sargent Friday's dictum...Just the facts, Ma'am...and let the rest have at it.  You're the highest public profile figure in Marshall County.  The rules are different for you.  There are times when Sammy [presumably Todd Samuelson] frustrates me but he is a good study for how to avoid public skirmishes.  My fear for him is that he decides to say F*ck It"."

"If you have any silver bullet you want fired, let me know if/how I can help."

Since DH and DV obviously refer to Dare Hawes and myself, I take this chilling statement seriously.  I consider it a threat, and it has been reported to the proper authorities.

Oliver has since sent Dare Hawes a certified letter that includes veiled threats against her if she does not cease and desist speaking out against what she believes is corrupt activity in her town.  The way she has been treated by town officials is reprehensible.

Dare Hawes, and anyone else for that matter, has a right to petition the government for a redress of grievances without fear of being harassed, bullied, or threatened.

The fact that the Marhsall County prosecutor and school officials have blocked her ability to do so is a blatant violation of her sacred Constitutional rights.  Returning letters of grievances without reading them and blocking email access for one individual should not be tolerated.

If anyone has grounds to sue it would be Dare Hawes for the despicable way she has been slandered, harassed, and intimidated by a few town bullies!  I've given her the name of a good attorney, and I hope that she considers suing for justice.

Both Oliver and Tyree should be investigated for intimidation and harassment. 

Mr. Oliver,  you remind me of Mr. Potter's nasty character in the movie, "It's a Wonderful Life."   You can take your silver bullet and your bloated British ego and shove it, because I will not tolerate your attempts at intimidation, which have been construed by those on the receiving end as criminal actions.  You and your buddy Dan may want to brush up on Indiana's laws concerning harassment and intimidation.  I'll make it easy for you.  Click this.

And furthermore, I wonder how your customers at U.S. Granules would react to your nasty, crass, and threatening emails?

This is not England, Mr. Oliver.  You live in America, and we threw King George and his tyrannical attitude out over 200 years ago.

You might think you're a big fish in a little pond, Mr. Oliver, but there are much bigger fish in much bigger ponds who read this blog.  Everyday.  

There's one thing your money cannot buy, Mr. Oliver, and that is respect.  I am one of many who have no respect whatsoever for you or what you stand for.

And to the good people of Plymouth, Indiana:  Don't you think it's about time you stood up to the bullies and take your town back from those who have tarnished its image?

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