Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Is Senator Lugar Using Phony Address for More than Voting?

Is Senator Lugar using a phony address for more than voting?
Acting as a private citizen, Certified Fraud Examiner Greg Wright has collected additional documentation that will be provided to the Indiana Election Commission in follow-up to his earlier complaint that Senator Richard Lugar allegedly committed multiple acts of felony voter fraud.

To date, the Commission has not contacted Wright, nor have its members acted upon the complaint; however, Wright says he intends to Use Indiana code 3-6-4.1 to force the hands of its members.  Indiana Law allows for private citizens to petition the Commission into action.

"If the Indiana Election Commission does not act, I plan to ask Tea Party members from across Indiana to help collect signatures to require the Governor to order the Commission to place the issue on its agenda," said Wright.

Wright is also raising new questions about a possible illegal vehicle registration for the Lugar's vehicle.  According to a 2009 DUI arrest record for Lugar's wife, Charlene, an address of 3200 Highwood Ct., Indianapolis, Indiana was listed on the vehicle's registration documentation that was provided to the arresting officer.

Some are asking how it is possible for them to have Indiana drivers licenses with the Highwood address since they do not reside in the Hoosier state.

This address has also been used by the Lugars for voting purposes even though they have not resided at that location for over two decades. 

In addition, a letter that was recently sent to the Lugars at the bogus address and returned as "undeliverable" will be offered as evidence to the Commission as well as the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles. 

Here are the records that were recently obtained by Wright:

2009 Arrest Record for Charlene Lugar

Did Lugar mislead the police by giving a bogus address?
Phony Address Used by Lugars Returned by USPS


Anonymous said...

Mel, Your in way over your head-on this one.Next time.... do your own homework.Plus you need to see if there were any grandfathered clauses instituted for this reason in 1982. After you do that then go ahead and spread your hate. Adolf will admire you. Nice try though

Anonymous said...

Kind of interesting that of all people you are censoring posts here.Kind of funny,Guess you can't take the heat. Mel, you wanna play with the big boys,grow a pair.

Pretty sure this post won't make it either.Thats why no one will ever take this blog seriously.

Anonymous said...

Why are they going after Charlie White and not Lugar?! I don't see much difference here.

Anonymous said...

Because Lugar is a member of the political elite, White was not. Keep pushing this issue. Don't let them sweep it under the rug. I want to know if our government officials are going to do their duty and go after this, or are they part of the problem and cover-up?