Monday, January 9, 2012

A Closer Look At Senator Dick Lugar's Deep RINO Roots: What is Lugar's Connection to Wendell Willkie, the First RINO of Record?

Wendell Willkie, the first RINO
It's no secret that many in the Republican party are upset with Senator Richard Lugar for calling himself a Republican while behaving like a liberal, thus earning the title of RINO (Republican In Name Only).

For those who understand the past, it should come as no surprise that Lugar recently praised Obama's "strong voice and creativity" and also referred to our socialist-leaning president as "my good friend."

"I very much feel like the novice and pupil," Obama has said of Lugar.

In addition, When Barak Obama was running for president, he referred to Lugar as someone he would go to when it comes to foreign policy.  Lugar is the only Senate Republican to publicly endorse the New START pact that President Obama negotiated with Russia.

Lugar looks on in adoration of his "good friend" Obama

Lugar is by no means the first RINO to hit the national scene, but ironically, the original RINO and 1940 Republican presidential nominee, Wendell Willkie, has much in common with the Hoosier senator.

Willkie was cozy with Democrats.  He joined with Eleanor Roosevelt to form Freedom House and was a delegate to two Democratic national conventions. 

A Wilsonian Internationalist who promoted world government, Willkie wrote the book "One World."  He supported Roosevelt's controversial New Deal.

Late in his career, Willkie joined the New Liberal Party and attempted to push its agenda nationally.  Senator Lugar was a member of a liberal think tank, the Roosevelt Institute's Campus Network.  And proving that he's no statesman, he recently resigned under pressure from the Tea Party.

Knowing this, one should not be surprised to learn of Lugar's pick to manage his 2012 Senatorial campaign.

Willkie's great-grandson, David W. Willkie, heads Lugar's re-election efforts.  A former Senate Foreign Relations staffer, Mr. David Willkie, like his great-grandfather and Senator Lugar, is a Wilsonian Internationalist.  He is a very proud of his great-grandfather.
If you subscribe to world government, Progressivism and prefer left-leaning Republicans, these facts may not be troubling.  If you are a Constitutional conservative, loyal to the ideals of our founders, you might feel otherwise.


varangianguard said...

So, are you saying that the START treaties are a bad thing?

You do realize that they originate from the late President Reagan's era don't you?

And, since the Republican Party isn't ruled by those who believe as you do, don't you realize that that fact makes you a RINO as well, just in a different way?

Finally, did you even browse through that "book", One World?

Brian and Alison Rodgers said...

Dear Ms. Vice:

I recently had the opportunity to read your blog post regarding Senator Lugar and his connection with the Willkie family. While I have no comment regarding your article, you have mistakenly listed my husbands' website as one belonging to David W.

In fact, we (the Rush County Tea Party) have no relationship with David Willkie of any kind, nor are we affiliated with Senator Lugar's bid for office. We are also not affiliated with his challenger for office. We would appreciate your clarifying that to your readers.

My husband - Brian Rodgers - is locally well known for his fiscally responsible, very conservative roots. While we appreciate Senators long term service to the country, neither Brian nor I have decided who we will vote for in the next election, as many people in Rush County have not. What we do support is a fiscally conservative approach to solving the debt crisis, a reduction in government spending, and higher measures of accountability from our government to do the right thing by the men and women of this country.

Although we invite everyone from every walk of life to our website,, I would appreciate your immediate posting of our response to your article. Should either of the candidates want to respond to the RCTP site, they are more than welcome to make their comments known. We have one motto - it's plainly stated on the website... "We have NO political party affiliation, and are just Americans concerned about our country."

As for our "real relationship" to the Willkie family...our next door neighbor, David's mom, is a remarkable woman named Virginia Willkie...she's one of the most respected women in Rush County, the ultimate lady, a cancer survivor and a fully decent human being whom we think very highly of. We in Rushville are very proud of Virginia and her family, and our family is honored to count her among our friends.

Does any of that change the Rush County Tea Party ideals? Does it change our status as a conservative Christian household? Rush County - like so many really wonderful communities that are struggling right now in rural America - is a place where people care, have open dialogue. I can be your neighbor and still form my own opinions. Brian posts his thoughts about what he hears and reads, and people form their own opinion. In the end, that is what we were after - people having a source of info that wasn't funded by anyone.

Thank you for your time.

Alison Rodgers, M.Div.

M Theory said...

More reasons than ever are piling up for conservatives to choose not to ever vote for Lugar again.

Bill said...

Pretty funny.Interesting to know that you don't allow opposing posts on your blog. But thats to be expected.On with the dibble.....

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Rush County Tea Party:
Here is my understanding of this organization: they support Lugar, have not written anything negative about Lugar, they write bad things about his opponent, Lugar's campaign manager's mother lives next door, and they do not discuss other Tea Party issues. Did I miss anything?
Sounds to me that they are an extension of the Lugar campaign. Such lame spycraft.
Maybe David Willkie should consult the Senate Foreign Relations OTS contacts for help from a sauce-pan chemist. Lugar made a hiring mistake. Poor David.

Diana Vice said...

David, your email was accidentally deleted from my server via my smart phone. Would you kindly resend soyour i can respond? Thank you.

dsm said...


Great work! I'm sure that Phyllis Schlafly is glad to see that patriots like yourself will carry on the fight she began so many years ago. For those of you who want to the history of Wendell Willkie and Schlafly's effort to steer our country towards conservative ideals, I highly recommend her 1964 book A Choice Not an Echo (available for free). Schlafly's Eagle Forum endorsed Richard Mourdock last October.

Anonymous said...

Lugar has done little to help our state. I see him as a self serving politician whose time should have come and gone in the 70s.
I have heard Richard Mourdock speak and his has a very good understanding of our Constitution and how it should be applied, I can only hope that he can replace Lugar in the next Primary.
I do know that Donnelly will get my vote if Richard is not elected.

Anonymous said...

In response to Brian and Allison Rogers. Yes the smart treaty is bad and it does not matter how it got its start.
We negotiated and now will disarm as China and others ramp up. The start treaty was flawed to begin with and has now become out dated.
I am a firm believe that we would be best served bringing our troops home from most of the countries we now occupy as we simply should not be in charge of the worlds security.
We have become so sensitive to the fact that we used nuclear weapons that we have paralyzed our ability to protect our selves. A nuclear umbrella is a great way to prevent war.
When we disarm it will give us a great disadvantage against countries like China so why do it?
Lugar is a lame old man whose time has passed.

Diana Vice said...

Correction: Wendell Willkie is the grandfather of David, not great-grandfather.