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Could the Final Chapter In the Charlie White Saga Be a Full Exoneration by the Indiana Supreme Court?

Will White be exonerated by the Supremes?
Attorney-blogger Gary Welsh has had it right from the beginning concerning the political persecution of former Secretary of State Charlie White.  

Once again, Welsh hit it out of the ballpark with today's commentary of the oral arguments presented before the Indiana Supreme Court.  I couldn't have said it better myself, so rather than re-invent the wheel, I'll invite readers to conclude why Vop Osli shouldn't be measuring for drapes quite yet.  You can read the entire commentary at this link as well as my two cents worth below. 

The conviction of Charlie White was more than a miscarriage of justice.  It was a political witch-hunt run amok.  White and his family were mercilessly dragged through the mud for months to satisfy White's blood-thirsty political enemies.  

Charlie White kicked Vop Osili's butt at the ballot box, so rather than bow out gracefully, he decided to subvert the will of the people.  Well, I was one of those voters who sent White to the Secretary of State's office, and I will not sit by silently while the sore losers try to disenfranchise my vote and countless others. 

Why did it matter whether White was living with his ex-wife or wife-to-be?  A Secretary of State represents the entire state, not a particular district.  If Charlie White is a criminal, then so are hundreds, maybe thousands of other voters who are inbetween residences during election time.

It's also clear that White didn't get a fair trial as it's been reported that the jury was not allowed to see compelling evidence.  The jury foreman seemed perplexed as well and indicated that had White's attorney presented a defense, he likely would have been acquitted.   

I don't know Charlie White, but I do know injustice when I see it, and apparently a few Indiana Supreme Court justices do as well.

If  comments coming from the high court's bench are any indication, White could soon be restored to his rightful place as Indiana's Secretary of State.  That would be sweet justice in my book.  Until such time, count me as part of the public whose trust has been shattered after watching this man and his family being treated as if a capital crime had been committed. 

Justice Brent Dickson and company were right to question the process with very pointed questions and comments.  Those comments seem to bode well for Charlie White's exoneration and future should he decide to pursue it.

Retired Teachers Ask Governor to Investigate Alleged Corruption by Plymouth & State Officials

Will Governor Daniels respond to this citizen complaint?
The following letter and attachment was sent to Governor Mitch Daniels by retired school teachers, Mike & Dare Hawes, asking him to investigate alleged public corruption in Plymouth, Indiana and calling the governor into account for a lack of action on his part.  An official copy of the following documents can be obtained via a public access request with the State of Indiana.

719 South Michigan Street
Plymouth, IN 46563
February 20, 2012

The Honorable Governor Mitch Daniels
Office of the Governor
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2797

Public Corruption Unit Chief Richard Denholm II FBI --SSRA Dave Crawford
FBI --J Edgar Hoover Building 200 East Main Street—Room 1010
935 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Fort Wayne, IN 46802
Washington, DC 20535-0001

Dear Governor Daniels:

Prior to your leaving office we respectfully appeal to you to investigate the public corruption by the Indiana State Police, assisted by the IDOE and IAG regarding the alleged cover up by the Marshall County prosecutor David Holmes and the Plymouth public school board of the alleged criminal act of computer tampering, in violation of Indiana Code 35-43-1-4, a class D felony. We believe this alleged criminal act was willfully and with malice committed by PCS administrators John Hill and Dan Tyree on 10/4/2007, and that thereafter to avoid prosecution they and other public officials, with the legal assistance of their publicly retained attorneys, continued to act unethically and unlawfully, to this day.

This issue has been filed by the FBI under “White Collar Crime/ Public Corruption.” The FBI has no doubt public corruption has occurred—on your watch. This public corruption, Governor Daniels, cost at the very least over $25,000 in public monies protecting these self-serving administrators not our public school students and teachers. It has led to citizens properly (and persistently) seeking just redress to be threatened, intimidated, and slandered by these too powerful public figures. This gross public wrong’s failure to be justly resolved for the welfare of your constituency is a major stain on your administration. Over one-hundred (100) intelligent, respected citizens—with justified fear of retribution in our too small town-- have properly and exhaustedly appealed to our Indiana government officials to investigate this matter, and been irreverently, routinely dismissed or ignored by these public servants. . . 100 citizens’ pleas ignored by government officials. This is wrong.

The FBI has exhaustively reviewed for three years this alleged criminal act and related public corruption. The agent assigned has stated that he has no doubt public corruption has occurred, but that the FBI has to require a violation of a federal law—not just a state law-- “to come in on.” We continue to patiently await the FBI’s answers to our pertinent questions (and is why we also copied this letter to them) asking:

1. Can the FBI not investigate this believed corruption by the Indiana State Police, the IDOE, the IAG, Prosecutor David Holmes, and the Plymouth Public School Board (Todd Samuleson, Larry Pinkerton, Melissa Christiansen, Frank Brubaker, Larry Holloway—and formerly Attorney Ron Gifford, (who interesting enough is on house arrest for the commission of un-related crimes) ?

2. If the FBI can not investigate this alleged public corruption by these state and local leaders, and Governor Daniels refuses, who can?

3. If the critical computer/ records have in fact been destroyed by these school administrators, as suspected, is that not a violation of the Federal Records Retention Act—thus providing a federal law for the FBI “to come in on”?

We firmly believe, based on testimony, evidence, professional analysis and sound reason this incident is definitely a criminal act, Indiana Code 35-43-1-4, a class D felony. It is definitely NOT a civil wrong—as one too many in authority unethically seek to whitewash and dismiss it so as to avoid acting responsibly for the public’s sincere welfare.

Despite the fully documented testimony, evidence, professional analysis, and sound reasoning that without any doubt in our minds declares that a criminal act* against the public’s welfare occurred, is the glaring fact that the tell-all 10/4/07 complete computer record, (which initially would have taken 20 minutes to run) has been adamantly, repeatedly refused access by PCS Superintendents John Hill and Dan Tyree. If they did no wrong—why do these public school administrators obstinately, repeatedly refuse (at colossal cost to the public!) that then-easy access to prove their innocence and put out the fire of public furor justly requesting answers? Why did their publicly-paid attorneys staunchly deny any access to this complete computer record, yet in the same breath threaten to sue these respected citizens (and intimidate their attorneys) for making this reasonable request to justly resolve this critical question, “Did Dan Tyree and John Hill on 10/4/07 illegally, maliciously tamper with this public school computer or not” ?

Why did the school board absolutely repeatedly refuse, as did prosecutor David Holmes, to ever once meet or discuss this alleged crime of our public school superintendents Dan Tyree and John Hill?

Why did these public school officials, through their publicly- paid attorneys, consistently seek to silence citizens with threats of a law suit------but yet they never filed such a suit? Why?

We’ll tell you why. If these public school administrators had filed a law suit—they would have been legally compelled to provide access to the tell-all computer.

Instead of initially easily and quickly resolving this serious charge of criminal acts by public school administrators, no one------no public official or the state police have ever once dared to investigate the crime scene, the Plymouth High School computer. No one—including the FBI. Why?

We’ll tell you why, Governor Daniels. We all want to believe the individuals we entrust

our children for at least twelve years of their lives are trustworthy, honorable educators. It is thus easier and far more comfortable to attack citizens’ who properly—and yes, persistently—dare to expose most scandalous public wrongs by public school officials than to address those issues justly for the welfare of all involved. It is far easier for all of us to do the easy wrong rather than the hard right.

Please do not turn your head or your heart to this most real public corruption in our state. Because of the ISP, IDOE and IAG’s failures, you are now the only one in our state who can dare to address this grievous public wrong, this glaring public corruption in Indiana. We, too, wanted to believe this gross public injustice was fed simply because of the bureaucratic nature of government. We now know, based on the fully documented facts, the willful misrepresentations of those facts, the staunch refusal to investigate “the crime scene”, the threats and the intimidation to seek to silence us------that this sad situation is not an issue that simply “fell through the bureaucratic cracks” but is willful corruption by public officials –and their publicly paid attorneys--who have chosen to serve one’s self interest, not the People’s.

Attached is a summary of just some of the corrupt actions of the Indiana State Police, the local prosecutor, the IDOE and the IAG—as well as the local school board. Their actions, or lack thereof, Governor Daniels, we firmly believe are willfully hiding this crime against our public school students, teachers, and entire educational community--at colossal public cost in more ways than just dollars.

In sincere prayer for just resolution,

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hawes

Indiana Public School Teachers, retired

Attachment Addresses Actions of Plymouth School officials, Marshall County Prosecutor, Indiana State Police Official, IDOE, & the Indiana Attorney General
Partial summary of corrupt actions of public officials: Plymouth Community School Board,

Marshall County Prosecutor, Indiana State Police, IDOE

Plymouth School Board (Todd Samuelson, Larry Pinkerton, Melissa Christiansen, Frank Brubaker, Larry Holloway and formerly attorney Ron Gifford, on house arrest for embezzlement/ fraud)

--absolutely refused numerous proper requests by the victim/citizens to meet in good faith to seek just resolution. PCS attorney Joe Morris even wrote citizens it was illegal for the school board to meet with their constituents. (Hogwash!)

--absolutely refused to address the fully documented actions of PCS Superintendent Dan Tyree on 5/6/08 accessing a public school computer, selecting, and printing off 304 pages of 8 x10” color pornography (with the assistance of this publicly paid female secretary.) Tyree’s actions were malicious-- a manipulative effort to falsify records and further slander a former PCS employee. This filth is fully documented and signed with public school superintendent Dan Tyree’s signature. This school board was absolutely silent to citizens’ request for an investigation, which died for lack of a motion. The board immediately thereafter rolled over Tyree’s contract.

This public school boards’ staunch refusal to investigate these factual events, including refusing to speak with the computer expert,* is most scandalous and supports this public school board’s own corruption in this distressing public issue.

Local Prosecutor (David Holmes): emailed ISP he had investigated and found no wrong doing; Fact--Holmes never once--not once-- communicated with victim/citizens; refused receipt of certified mail; he never once investigated the crime scene/ the computer; is known friend/ neighbor of Dan Tyree

Indiana State Police Officers (Don McCay, Scott Schuh, Dr. Paul Whitesell):

--initially upon interview directed/ provided copy to citizens of Indiana Code 35-43-1-4: advised victim to file a formal complaint; received said complaint on 4/23/09; requested victim take a lie detector exam, he agreed--but ISP unexpectedly without explanation canceled exam (this is documented fact)

--the ISP (as did the PCS board) refused to discuss expert/ independent computer analysis of incomplete record with professional Gary Brooks* indicating computer tampering on a scale of 10 at 9+

--ISP sent email/ publicly stated in South Bend Tribune there would be no investigation after conferring with prosecutor. (Note: strong political/ social ties between the Bremen ISP and Plymouth officials exist)

--ISP Officer Scott Schuh stated ISP could NOT investigate without PCS Board’s permission/ ISP could be sued by PCS. This is false. All needed was “probable cause” ------testimony, documentation, and professional analysis provided abundant probable cause. ( Note: Does the ISP cower in fear of law suits threatened by alleged criminals?)

--ISP Officer Schuh wrote dismissal letter willfully misrepresenting the taped phone conversation legally supporting the need for an investigation

--ISP Officer Don McCay emailed citizens to NOT contact him again regarding this issue

--ISP Director Whitesell was mute to appeals re: this issue and ISP officers’ conduct

IDOE (Dr. Tony Bennett): consistently “lost” citizen appeals (thereafter painstakingly replaced by citizens)

-- totally ignored 7/3/08 proper, written appeal to investigate this alleged crime by PCS Superintendents John Hill and Dan Tyree

-- yet on 7/5/08 IDOE authorized a SECRET investigation of victim, without his knowledge ----this secret government investigation cost taxpayers a minimum of $25,000

--when victim accidentally learned of this secret investigation four (4) months later, he was denied opportunity to refute slanderous statements against himself and others

--IDOE even denied victim a copy of this damning report on himself!

This secret investigation by the IDOE is frighteningly corrupt!!!

-IDOE attorneys stated the IDOE has authority to (secretly) investigate teachers, but no authority to investigate administrators. This is false.

--IDOE later secretly investigated a Bremen administrator--also without their knowledge! The result of both these secret-then-public IDOE investigations maligned these respected educators, who had no recourse to confront these wrongs by government officials.

--IDOE stated this (slanderous) investigative report by law was “confidential and non-disclosable” YET was distributed unrequested to nine (9) citizens & a Ft. Wayne judge

--but denied to the victim!

IAG (Greg Zoeller): continually “lost” appeals even sent by certified delivery

-- USPO inquiry determined signatures on mail receipts were manipulated (forged?)

--purposefully tried to dismiss citizen complaints by stating IAG can investigate everything in Indiana EXCEPT for “academia” and sought to pass buck back to the IDOE

--stated IAG could do nothing

Do note political connections between Dr. Tony Bennett, IAG Greg Zoeller and the prestigious Indianapolis attorney Thomas E. Wheeler II is well documented. It is most apparent Wheeler was publicly retained by PCS Superintendents John Hill/Dan Tyree to protect themselves “at all costs”--NOT to protect our students/teachers/educational community.

These assertions regarding the corrupt acts of the ISP, IAG, IDOE and local government are significant and substantiated with exhaustive documentation; this summary is greatly abbreviated for your benefit in this most disturbing issue. Do know that more than once we as citizens requested to discuss this public corruption with you, Dr. Bennett, and/or IAG Zoeller face to face, and our earnest requests were always ignored. Please do remember that over one hundred (100) Indiana citizens have requested an investigation of this matter, and been disregarded. As citizens of this State, Governor Daniels, we respectfully plead with you yet again to responsibly address this public school corruption immediately, prior to your leaving office. The integrity of your administration demands such.

No doubt our character and motivation to persist will again be maligned by those public “servants” we dare to properly confront. We exhaustively persist seeking to bring this deplorable public corruption in Indiana to the attention of responsible leadership for, as stated before, we know full well that injustices are fueled by the silence of men intimidated by the assertion of power. Whether that power is social, political, financial, or empty legal rhetoric makes no difference.

Injustices unchecked result in the devastation of our freedoms. It costs to speak out.

It costs more not to.

(The other 19 PCS former employees maligned by these administrators, the Black Mold issue, and the roofing scam are not even mentioned in this debacle—but corruption unchecked always escalates…..)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

DNC Latest to Comment on Lugar's Political Self-Destruction

From the Democratic National Committee's Website:

Lugar Doesn’t Know What Address Is On His Driver’s License? REALLY!?

The ballooning controversy surrounding Dick Lugar’s Virginia residency just won’t go away. This weekend, Lugar finally answered for having moved out of Indiana in 1977 and just like his campaign spokesman, he proceeded to stick his foot in his mouth twice. First, Lugar admitted that his lack of an Indiana residence has been an “issue for the whole time” he has served in the Senate. But even worse, he told an Indianapolis T.V. station that he didn’t know what address was listed on his Indiana-issued driver’s license.

“Talk about out of touch. Who on earth doesn’t know what address is listed on their driver’s license?” asked Shripal Shah, spokesman for Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. “After moving out of Indiana more than three decades ago, Lugar has shown time and again he has simply lost touch with Hoosier voters. Whether he’s voting to bloat the federal debt by trillions or explaining how he hasn’t lived in Indiana since 1977, Dick Lugar is proving everyday why he’s part of the problem in Washington.”

When asked this weekend why he left Indiana permanently for the D.C. suburbs in 1977, Indiana Senator Dick Lugar didn’t do himself any favors, telling an Indianapolis TV station, “We've had the issue for the whole time I've served in the Senate.” That’s true – Lugar hasn’t lived in Indiana since 1977. But Lugar’s response to questions about the address on his Indiana-issued driver’s license was even worse, with Lugar telling RTV6 that“he isn't sure what address is on his Indiana driver's license but presumes it was from the house he” sold in 1977. The comments come after his campaign previously compared Lugar’s Virginia residency to serving in the military.

Lugar is in the fight for his political life, facing a formidable Republican challenger in Richard Mourdock. Mourdock, who has the support of the Tea Party and grassroots conservative activists, has also received endorsements from more than 75% of Republican county chairmen across the state and has received a slew of endorsements from deep-pocketed conservative groups like the Tea Party Express and the Club For Growth. The Club for Growth as well as Mourdock's campaign have already spent thousands on television railing against his record in Washington.

National News Media Predicts Lugar's Political Demise and Indiana's Attorney General Can't Protect His Good Friend Dick From That

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tea Partiers Ask Barbara Boxer to Investigate Lugar's Use of Senate Office for Personal Use

Greg Wright
Greg Wright, the Indianapolis resident and Certified Fraud Examiner who first uncovered the fact that Senator Richard Lugar may have committed voter fraud, has asked Senator Barbara Boxer to launch an investigation into allegations that Lugar is using his Indianapolis Senate office for personal business.  [See Gary Welsh's blog post for details.]

On behalf of fifty-five Indiana Tea Party organizations, Wright sent the following letter via fax to Ms. Boxer today:

W. Gregory Wright
2255 Fox Hill Drive
 Indianapolis, IN 46228
February 19, 2012

Chairman Barbara Boxer Sent Via Fax: (202) 224-7416
Senate Select Committee on Ethics
220 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Regarding: Senator Lugar’s Use of his Official Office for Personal Use

Dear Honorable Barbara Boxer,

Leaders representing fifty-five Indiana Tea Party organizations have asked me to request that you investigate this important matter. Some individual members may contact you.

As Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Ethics, we request that you investigate Senator Richard Lugar’s use of his official Indianapolis office for personal use.

 Whereas, Senator Lugar’s taxpayer paid Indianapolis office is located at Suite 1180, 10 West Market Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204. Please see:

Whereas, Indiana Secretary of State Certified Documents state that Richard D. Lugar is the President of Lugar Stock Farm Inc. and is its current Registered Agent. See attached copy.

Whereas, Indiana Secretary of State Certified Documents state that the address of the Registered Agent of Lugar Stock Farm Inc. is: Richard G. Lugar, 10 West Market Street, Suite 1180, Indianapolis, IN 46204. See attached copy.

Therefore, I respectfully petition the Senate Select Committee on Ethics to promptly conduct an investigation into the aforementioned allegation and refer any violations to the appropriate body.


W. Gregory Wright

Certified Fraud Examiner

Friday, February 17, 2012

Citizen Challenges Senator Lugar's Candidacy With Indiana Election Division

Lugar's appearance when he was a real Hoosier
Ronald P. Kilpatrick of Indianapolis filed an official challenge to Senator Richard Lugar's candidacy today with the Indiana Election Division.

Kilpatrick contends that Lugar "does not meet the requirements of Indiana Code 3-8-1-7 to be a candidate for the U.S. Senate from Indiana."
"Indiana Code 3-8-1-7 states that 'a candidate for the office of the United States Senator must have the qualifications provided in Article 1, Section 3, Clause 3 of the Constitution of the United States.'  Article 1, Section 3, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution states that among the requirements to be a U.S. Senator are that a candidate 'must, when elected, be an inhabitant of that state for which he shall be chosen,'" wrote Kilpatrick.

Kilpatrick went on to explain that "Federal Courts have generally held that for a candidate to be considered an 'inhabitant' of a particular state a physical presence in the state is required...Lugar is not currently an 'inhabitant' of the State of Indiana and has not been since July of 1977 when he sold his residence in Indiana located at 3200 Highwoods Court, Indianapolis.  He maintains no physical domicile in Indiana and in fact has resided at 7841 Old Dominion Road, McLean, Virginia since July of 1977.  Furthermore, he evidences from his public statements no intention to become an inhabitant of Indiana by November 6, 2012, the date of the general election....

Although Respondent Lugar purports to have an informal 1982 letter from the then-Attorney General of Indiana stating that the Indiana Constitution allows him to continue voting from his former address of 3200 Highwoods Court, Indianapolis, nothing in this letter or state law may alter the federal constitutional requirement that he be an 'inhabitant' of the State of Indiana.  Thus, this letter does not apply to Indiana code 3-8-1-7."
According to an Indiana University law professor, Kilpatrick appears to be right on target.  John Hill, Professor of Constitutional Law told a WIBC news reporter that there is validity to the claim that Dick Lugar doesn't live in Indiana.
"What's interesting is unlike the voting requirements, who gets to vote in the state which are governed by state law, these standards are actually governed by federal law so the Attorney General's opinion is not relevant to this particular question," Hill says.
Hill says the Attorney General's opinion was in regard to Lugar's ability to vote in state elections despite not living in the state. He says the law is clear that Lugar can vote in state elections because he is on business for the state in Washington D.C.
Governor Mitch Daniels
 The cat is now out of the bag, and Lugar can no longer count on his friends and political allies to cover for him, nor can he count on the Indianapolis Star and other Johnny-Come-Lately local media outlets to quash this story since it hit the national news last week. This issue will not die, and if Richard Lugar should win the primary election, Republicans will be at huge risk of losing Indiana's Senate seat.

The fact that Governor Mitch Daniels and Attorney General Greg Zoeller flexed their political muscles on behalf of their friend, Richard Lugar, will make no difference in the minds of an attentive citizenry, especially in the wake of Charlie White's recent conviction.  The people are paying attention and they know a double standard when they see it.  If the comments left by readers of various Internet news outlets are any indication, this is a huge deal to the average Hoosier.  It simply doesn't pass the smell test.

What Charlie White did was minor compared to the years of voter fraud perpetrated against Hoosiers by Senator Lugar!  Lugar's bold arrogance to think that he is somehow above the law is obnoxious. 

 If the Indiana Election Division allows Lugar's name to remain on the ballot, they will have made a mockery of the office and the process. They will force Indiana citizens to take their complaint to the courthouse, which will put an even bigger spotlight on the Hoosier state and its corrupt political system. 

I imagine that Governor Mitch Daniels and other public officials who are flaunting voter fraud laws themselves are secretly hoping that Charlie White's conviction will be overturned on appeal.  Surely, they understand that the double standards will continue to blare with the public spotlight shining on more egregious offenses, including the fact that Mitch Daniels votes in a precinct where he does not reside.

In the case of Charlie White, justice was not blind.  He got the shaft, and there are political consequences to pay for it.

Kilpatrick's Complaint (Click on to enlarge):

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

HFCS Seeks Action From Silent Election Commission, Members Concerned After Discovering Election Commission Chairman Gave Thousands of Dollars to Senator Lugar

Governor Mitch Daniels

Indianapolis, IN, February 14, 2012 – Hoosiers for Conservative Senate (HFCS) will bring a complaint to the office of Governor Mitch Daniels on Thursday February 16th about the residency of Indiana Senator Lugar. The signatures will be delivered at 3:00pm

HFCS will deliver signed forms from each Congressional district requesting Governor Daniels to take action on the Formal Election complaint filed by Greg Wright, Certified Fraud Examiner, of Indianapolis pursuant to Indiana Code 3-6-4.1-12. This Indiana statute provides that citizens from each of Indiana's nine congressional districts may petition the Governor to call a meeting of the State Election Commission if the Commission refuses to meet to perform its duties. One of the statutory duties of the Commission is to investigate violations of the election code and refer potential violations to the prosecuting attorney.

Mr. Wright's complaint to the Indiana Election Commission is based on the fact that Senator Lugar and his wife have been voting absentee from 3200 Highwoods Court in Indianapolis despite the fact that they sold the property in 1977. This complaint was filed in November 30th. No action has been taken by the Election Commission.

Monica Boyer, co-founder of Hoosiers for Conservative senate stated “We are deeply concerned that this complaint is not receiving its due process, and we are asking that the Governor hold the appropriate hearing concerning Senator Richard Lugar using a false address to register to vote. In the wake of the Charlie White case, we must ensure that Indiana does not maintain a double standard and that all public officials are held to the same standards.”“After viewing the FEC reports, Boyer added, “we are concerned with a possible conflict of interest as Chairman Daniel Dumezich has given thousands of dollars to Senator Lugar. We ask the Governor to listen to Hoosiers, and give this complaint a hearing.”

"Senator Lugar has for the past thirty five years used another individuals address as his own for voting purposes. I cannot see how this is in any way different from the felony charges that Secretary of State Charlie White was convicted of," said HFCS co-chair Greg Fettig. "When we allow our politicians to break the law, we become a nation of men and not laws. This jeopardizes the very freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution. The same Constitution that the senator took an oath to uphold and defend".

Also, members of HFCS and concerned citizens will deliver a complaint to the Marion County Election Board and the Marion County Prosecutor's Office asking those agencies to investigate this matter as well.

HFCS is a historic grassroots coalition of over 55 local tea party and patriot organizations across Indiana. The primary goal of HFCS is to restore conservative representation to the U.S. Senate from Indiana.

A press conference will follow immediately after HFCS visits the governor’s office.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Richard Mourdock Picks Up Club for Growth Endorsement

It’s Time to Bring Lugar Home
From the National Review Online

By Chris Chocola

February 14, 2012 10:00 A.M. Comments

11“Earmarks,” also known as pork-barrel spending, are considered a “gateway drug” to corruption and bigger government in Washington. They got that well-deserved title because there’s a history of both Republicans and Democrats using earmarks as a currency to buy votes for all sorts of bad policies. Sometimes, members of Congress have actually taken bribes in exchange for obtaining earmarks. The system was abused so badly that Americans shamed both parties into passing a temporary ban on the practice.

Thankfully, there are very few Republicans left who still support earmarks. Regrettably, one of the remaining few is 35-year Indiana senator Richard Lugar. He continues to stand in favor of earmarks to this day. Recently, Lugar was one of only thirteen Republicans to join Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid in voting against a permanent ban on earmarks.

That was the final straw for the Club for Growth PAC, which has now endorsed Lugar’s conservative challenger, Indiana state treasurer Richard Mourdock.

Lugar’s vote against a permanent ban on earmarks will hopefully be the capstone on a decidedly big-government, anti-economic-growth voting record. Lugar is a good man, and in some ways he has served Indiana and our country well, but his 35-year career in Washington proves that he is no fiscal conservative. What our country needs, now more than ever, is genuine fiscal restraint and economic growth. Lugar has time and again voted to expand the size of government, raise taxes, and increase government regulation. Examples abound through the decades.

In 1978, Lugar voted to bail out New York City. In 1979, Lugar voted to bail out Chrysler with $1.5 billion in federal loan guarantees. In 1982, he voted to increase the gasoline tax. In 1983, he voted to increase Social Security taxes. In 1984, he voted against a 10 percent cut in the federal budget. In 1995, he voted against a work requirement for welfare recipients. In 1998, he voted against a $195.5 billion income-tax cut.

Lugar has voted to keep the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere” earmark for Alaska and for a Democratic cap-and-trade scheme; he even voted against endorsing the view that Congress has a “moral obligation” to reduce deficit spending.

Senator Lugar has voted for endless bailouts, including the Wall Street bailout, the auto bailout, and the bailouts of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In 2010, he voted against Senate Republicans’ plans to temporarily stop requesting earmarks. The loud message sent by the 2010 elections did not change Lugar’s voting behavior. Last year, he voted to give President Obama the power to raise our national debt even higher.

Finally, earlier this month, Lugar voted against a permanent ban on earmarks, despite universal contempt for the practice and the fact that a ban is supported by most Republicans and most Americans.

Enough is enough. The Club for Growth PAC has watched Indiana for a long time. We looked for signs that Lugar had changed his ways, but we found none. Sadly, when it comes to solving our nation’s dire fiscal problems, Dick Lugar is not the answer; he’s part of the cause. Senator Lugar has had many opportunities to take America in a positive direction, but he has voted to keep the status quo.

There is no reason to believe that six more years from Richard Lugar in Washington will be different from the past 35 years. It’s time for him to come back home to Indiana. It’s time to move Washington in a more fiscally conservative direction.

— Chris Chocola, a former Indiana congressman, is president of the Club for Growth.

Lafayette Assistant Principal Attacked by Student

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lugar Files for Indiana Senate Seat In Washington, DC

Senator Richard Lugar officially filed his candidacy for Indiana's Senate seat yesterday.  One would think with all the criticism leveled at him for being out-of-touch with real Hoosiers since he bolted the state 30 plus years ago, he'd at least make it look like he was associated with our state.

Check out the notary public signature on Lugar's paperwork.  You can click on to enlarge.  Lugar signed his official candidacy in Washington, DC, where his loyalties lie and he is still using a phony address.  Lugar and his wife sold the house they swore under oath they resided at over 30 years ago!

When Dick Lugar and his wife moved to Virginia in 1977, Elvis was still alive and Eli Manning had not yet been born. A movie ticket to see newly released Smokey and the Bandit starring Bert Reynolds cost $2. We watched the Waltons and American Bandstand on TV. Dr. Otis Bowen was Indiana’s Governor. A gallon of gas cost 65 cents and a new BMW 320i cost $7,990. A box of Kellogg's Corn Flakes cost 50 cents, Folgers coffee was $1.99 per pound, eggs cost 25 cents a dozen, and a Big Mac cost 30 cents.

Lugar signed his declaration in Washington, DC!
Lugar is still using a phony address to declare his candidacy!
Dick Lugar is out of touch, arrogant, and a prime example of what is wrong with our Elected Elite.

Soon, poor Charlie White will be restrained in handcuffs and driven to the "big house” while Dick Lugar is chauffeured from his multi- million dollar Virginia home to the U S Senate.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Citizens to Petition Governor Daniels to Force State Election Commission to take up Senator Lugar Residency Complaint

The following petition is now circulating and will be delivered in person to Governor Mitch Daniels.  Citizens are using Indiana code 3-6-4.1-1 to force the Indiana Election Commission to take up a complaint that was filed by Greg Wright, alleging that Senator and Mrs. Richard Lugar have been registered to vote at a residence in which they have not resided since 1977, in violation of Indiana Law.

Insiders have alleged that some Indiana Election Commission members are intentionally avoiding taking up the issue until after the May primary.
Petitions like this one will be delivered to Governor Daniels.
The recent conviction of Charlie White for a much lesser offense has emboldened Lugar's critics, who plan to force the issue much sooner.

As if the waters couldn't get any muddier, Charlie White recently announced on the Fox News Channel that Governor Mitch Daniels has been voting in a precinct in which he does not reside.

It's a fair question to raise.  Why do the rich and famous get a free pass from the local media and prosectuors while guys like Charlie White are thrown under the proverbial bus?

CNN, Fox News and other national news outlets have reported on the Lugar controversy while local media have blacked out the news.  How long can they ignore a story that appears to be growing long legs?

Feel free to sign and circulate the embedded petition.   You can click on to enlarge.

You can contact Greg Wrigt at if you'd like to turn in a petition.
Some are saying that if Lugar is elected in the primary, Democrats plan to make a legal issue of Lugar's alleged voter fraud.  Legal pundits are already calling into question Lugar's flimsy legal defense that a former Attorney General gave him a free pass to continue to commit voter fraud; however, no court has ever weighed in on the subject.  In fact, some legal experts believe Lugar has committed multiple felony acts of voter fraud along with his wife, who cannot hide behind the shield of being elected senator.

Many Hoosiers are now seriously considering voting for Richard Mourdock to avoid another Charlie White legal entanglement where it will be up to the courts to decide who gets to take his office due to a sham conviction.

If Lugar should win the primary, will Harry Reid get to decide who Indiana's next senator will be after the DNC challenges this issue in court?  Time will tell.  National political pundits are already making fun of the fact that we allow our representatives to live in other states while serving in elected positions. 

Will Indiana become a laughing stock and fodder for Saturday night television comedians?  We shall soon find out, but you probably won't hear it from the Indianapolis Star or other local media outlets.  They have discarded even the appearance of having any objectivity.  They just take Lugar at his word rather than ask the questions that national news reporters have been asking recently.

Senator Lugar backed Ener1 and EnerDel before they filed for Bankruptcy

Fox News Reporter Discusses Lugar's Residency Issues During Interview with Charlie White

Friday, February 3, 2012

Could Harry Reid Pick Indiana's Next Senator?

Will Democrats oppose Lugar's candidacy?
Here's an interesting analysis written by a Missouri Tea Party member concerning the issue of whether or not Senator Richard Lugar is qualified to be an Indiana senator since he hasn't lived in the state for over three decades.

Earlier this week I noted that the Daily Caller had picked up the story that Dick Lugar has not lived in Indiana--the state he represents in the United States Senate--since the late 1970's.  That's interesting because Article I, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution reads in part:  "No person shall be a Senator...who shall not, when elected, be an inhabitant of that State for which he shall be chosen."  From there, I concluded:

Dick Lugar has not inhabited the state which he represents since the Carter Administration, which, in light of the U.S. Constitution, would imply that he has not been eligible to run for the United States Senate since the Gerald Ford Administration.  It's time to vote for Richard Mourdock in the Indaina GOP primary.

There have been a couple of developments since I posted that.  Lugar shrugs off the issue claiming that he has a 1982 permission slip from the Indiana Attorney General stating that he need not live in Indiana because he is "on business of this state or of the United States."

That argument falls apart because of the Constitution's supremacy clause:

This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding."
A state's AG cannot override a requirement of the U.S. Constitution; therefore, permission from a state attorney general does not allow a candidate for U.S. Senate to dodge the requirement that they "be an Inhabitant of that state..."

I described this all to Dave Roland of the Freedom Center of Missouri.  The Freedom Center specializes in constitutional law and Roland is their Director of Litigation.  He agreed with me on the points as I relayed them that a candidate for office should maintain a home in the state they wish to represent.  However, he added:

 ...the big question is who ultimately gets to decide if a candidate for Congress meets this requirement.  Article I, Section 5, states that each House of Congress is responsible for judging the qualifications of its own members - it is very possible that courts might take this as meaning that they have no jurisdiction to address this matter.
That quandry in itself could lead to a protracted legal fight, but probably will not.  I suspect that one would have to have legal standing in order to bring the suit.  Richard Mourdock, Lugar's opponent would have standing, but Mourdock would have to decide whether or not he has the political capital to try to strike Lugar from the ballot.  That's not an easy decision, though it certainly would raise Mourdock's name recognition. 

After Indiana's May primary, the Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate would have two paths available to them to strike Lugar's name from the November ballot if Lugar wins the primary.  First, they could go to the courts just as Mourdock could.  Second, since Article I, Section 5 empowers that each House of Congress to judge the qualifications of its members, Indiana's Democrat nominee could ask the Democrat controlled Senate for an assist.  In short, Harry Reid could pick Indiana's next Senator.

Don't take chances.  If you live in Indiana, please remember to vote for Richard Mourdock on May 8th.

You can find this story at this link:

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Is There Another Scandal Brewing Within Senator Lugar's Campaign Staff? Is Lugar's Campaign Manager Posing as a Federal Agent?

From the Facebook Photo File of "Jack Tripper"
A few weeks ago this blogger received an invitation to become Facebook friends with someone identified as "Jack Tripper."  Not knowing who this person was, the invitation was declined.  The only Jack Tripper in my recollection was the character in Three's Company, a sitcom from the 1980's.
So who is Jack Tripper, and why did he choose to seek me out on Facebook?  According to a political insider, David Wilkie, campaign manager for Senator Richard Lugar is using the pseudonym, listing his occupation as a United States Secret Service Agent.  You can find the page here (unless it suddenly gets deleted).

Mutual Facebook friends of this blogger have apparently accepted his invitation, including political figures such as Mike Pence, Greg Zoeller, Tony Bennett, and Becky Skillman.  Surprisingly, Richard Mourdock is also listed as a Facebook friend of "Tripper's" even though an anti-Mourdock picture is included in a collection of "Tripper's" photos.

Why the subterfuge, and is it legal to pose as a federal agent?

David Wilkie, are you posing as Jack Tripper?  Come out from behind the curtain if you are.

The next question one must ask is that if Jack Tripper is really David Wilkie, will this come back to haunt Senator Richard Lugar?

A Primary Victory for Lugar Could Mean a Republican Loss in November Say Democratic Insiders, Indiana Election Division Avoids Lugar Complaint Until After May Primary

Could a Lugar victory result in a Democratic win in November?
Insiders within the Democratic party say they are remaining silent for now about Senator Richard Lugar's alleged voter fraud scandal in hopes that it can be used as an issue in the general election should the senator win at the primary level in May.

According to Democratic insiders within the Indiana Election Division, Republican commission members opted not to call a monthly meeting for January, reportedly to avoid taking up Greg Wright's complaint concerning Lugar's alleged voter fraud.

"They want to avoid the issue until after the primary," stated the source.  "Democrats wanted to discuss the issue; however, it has been tabled." 

Democratic insiders believe that if Lugar should win the Republican primary election, the issue of voter fraud will be enough to defeat Lugar and land a victory for his Democratic opponent; therefore, they are not pushing the issue now. 

Lugar continues to hide behind a legal opinion from former Attorney General Linley Pearson, which he says gives him a legal loophole.  Lugar and his wife continue to vote using an Indianapolis address for a home they haven't owned or lived in for 30 years; however, Attorney Paul Ogden, who served as a Deputy Attorney General during the Pearson administration shares a differing opinion on the matter.

"Let's be perfectly clear," commented Ogden.  "There is no 'loophole' in the law that allows a person to continue running for U.S. Senate without a residency in Indiana. But that is a separate issue from voter fraud and perjury. There most certainly is no law that allows Lugar to sign documents under oath falsely stating he lives at someone else's house when he goes to vote."

Tea Party supporters are rallying behind conservative Richard Mourdock.  Since the scandal has recently made the national news circuit, it has become clear that a primary victory for Richard Lugar could, in fact, result in a Republican loss in November, especially if Democrats initiate legal action over the controversy, which is probable according to political insiders.

Will the local media be able to ignore this growing scandal much longer?  It's all the talk in Washington these days.

Nationally Known Political Pundit Takes on Lugar's Residency Controversy

Mark Levin, a nationally known radio host and political pundit, discussed Richard Lugar's residency problem on his show.  You can find the link here.

Levin calls it "bizarre" that Indiana law would allow for such a loophole!  I think it's more than bizarre.  I think if Charlie White or anyone else had done this, there would be no loophole!!

It has been reported that Attorney General Greg Zoeller approves of Lugar using a phony address, but could this support have anything to do with the fact that his wife once worked for the Senator?  Zoeller apparently dodged the question as it pertained to Lugar's wife. 

Is Gerard Beloin a "Political Prisoner?" Whistleblower Gets 3 1/2 Years in Prison for Exercising Constitutional Rights, New Hampshire Supremes Agree to Hear Appeal

Gerard Beloin is being held as a political prisoner in a New Hampshire prison.
As Gerard Beloin sits in a New Hampshire State Prison, many of his friends and family members believe he is being held hostage as a political prisoner.  This blogger has gotten to know Beloin over the past few years as we were fighting similar battles on different fronts and believes what he says to be true, not to mention the fact that he has mountains of evidence to back up his claims.

Beloin, a New Hampshire business owner, blew the whistle on roofing industry corruption in his hometown and was sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison after he refused to capitulate to the demands of prosecutors to plead guilty for a crime that he has steadfastly stated that he did not commit in exchange for no prison time.

Beloin's convictions and a lack of funds to properly defend himself landed him in state prison where he wages a one man war against a corrupt system run amok.  Armed with the Constitution, Beloin was recently granted an appeal hearing by the New Hampshire Supreme Court, which is currently pending.  He had previously filed a Writ of Habeas Corpus in the lower courts, however, it continues to be ignored, a matter he hopes to remedy with with the Supreme Court justices.

His crime?  After exposing corruption involving alleged illegal school roofing contracts in his hometown, Beloin recorded a conversation wherein threats were being made against his life.  These recordings would be perfectly legal in states such as Indiana, but in New Hampshire both parties must agree to the recording.  Beloin was subsequently charged with wire-tapping even though federal law permits recordings that involve danger to "life, limb, or property." 

These fraudulent wire-tapping charges resulted in the revocation of Beloin's gun permit.  Beloin was repeatedly threatened with death and had the audio tapes to prove it.  Subsequently, he relied on his right to keep and bear arms to ensure the personal safety of himself, his wife and young daughter.  Beloin was later found with a gun in his briefcase and was charged with an additional crime for merely exercising his Second Amendment right.

For years he relentlessly fought the system representing himself with much success; however, he was embarrassing the political establishment whose members were being called into question by Beloin for their involvement in the alleged corruption.  Beloin and his allies believe that he was targeted by political power brokers for speaking out against them, which resulted in his incarceration.  He is now seeking help in getting his story out to the masses and raising money to help in his defense. 

Included in his appeal to the New Hampshire Supreme Court are several arguments, including the fact that New Hampshire laws states,  "Agents for the State have no right to privacy when there is 'articulable suspicion' that there is 'illegal activity, the suspected fraudulent conduct or activity involving a violation of law, or a pattern of business practices adversely affecting the public safety.' " 

Beloin argues that "According to the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution, state law is preempted where state and federal law conflict.  He also rightly points out that "the state is legally obligated to protect this taxpayer watchdog."

Beloin also contends that his right to own and possess firearms was illegally revoked.  He points out that the state had originally dismissed the charges of recording a public official against him "with prejudice" only to reinstate them later after the judge allegedly received outside political pressure to do so.  Had those charges been rightfully dismissed, Beloin would have never had his gun permit revoked, which means he would not have been sent to prison.

Beloin also contends that the prison sentence was excessive,especially considering the fact that the prosecutor recommended no jail time since Beloin had a clean record and had been an exemplary citizen, but the judge apparently didn't like the fact that this patriot had the audacity to fight the good ole boy network.

Beloin has written a tell-all book from his prison cell and is working to get it published.  In the meantime, Beloin's supporters are working to get the word out.  They will be setting up a Facebook page, hoping to get the word out for the purpose of getting support, financial and otherwise.

In the coming days and weeks, this blogger will be highlighting the evidence that Beloin has meticulously gathered over the last several years in his plight for justice.  Justice has been perverted in New Hampshire, and this patriot needs our help.  The wrong people are in jail.  There are public officials who have grossly and without conscience violated this man's constitutional rights and it's time to come to the defense of this man and the constitution.

You can start by phoning the following New Hampshire State Representatives and ask them to help free political prisoner Gerard Beloin.  Next, let me know how you can help this New Hampshire patriot.  Shoot me an email at

Representative David Welch   603-271-3565
Representative Larry Rappaport  603-237-4429