Monday, February 6, 2012

Citizens to Petition Governor Daniels to Force State Election Commission to take up Senator Lugar Residency Complaint

The following petition is now circulating and will be delivered in person to Governor Mitch Daniels.  Citizens are using Indiana code 3-6-4.1-1 to force the Indiana Election Commission to take up a complaint that was filed by Greg Wright, alleging that Senator and Mrs. Richard Lugar have been registered to vote at a residence in which they have not resided since 1977, in violation of Indiana Law.

Insiders have alleged that some Indiana Election Commission members are intentionally avoiding taking up the issue until after the May primary.
Petitions like this one will be delivered to Governor Daniels.
The recent conviction of Charlie White for a much lesser offense has emboldened Lugar's critics, who plan to force the issue much sooner.

As if the waters couldn't get any muddier, Charlie White recently announced on the Fox News Channel that Governor Mitch Daniels has been voting in a precinct in which he does not reside.

It's a fair question to raise.  Why do the rich and famous get a free pass from the local media and prosectuors while guys like Charlie White are thrown under the proverbial bus?

CNN, Fox News and other national news outlets have reported on the Lugar controversy while local media have blacked out the news.  How long can they ignore a story that appears to be growing long legs?

Feel free to sign and circulate the embedded petition.   You can click on to enlarge.

You can contact Greg Wrigt at if you'd like to turn in a petition.
Some are saying that if Lugar is elected in the primary, Democrats plan to make a legal issue of Lugar's alleged voter fraud.  Legal pundits are already calling into question Lugar's flimsy legal defense that a former Attorney General gave him a free pass to continue to commit voter fraud; however, no court has ever weighed in on the subject.  In fact, some legal experts believe Lugar has committed multiple felony acts of voter fraud along with his wife, who cannot hide behind the shield of being elected senator.

Many Hoosiers are now seriously considering voting for Richard Mourdock to avoid another Charlie White legal entanglement where it will be up to the courts to decide who gets to take his office due to a sham conviction.

If Lugar should win the primary, will Harry Reid get to decide who Indiana's next senator will be after the DNC challenges this issue in court?  Time will tell.  National political pundits are already making fun of the fact that we allow our representatives to live in other states while serving in elected positions. 

Will Indiana become a laughing stock and fodder for Saturday night television comedians?  We shall soon find out, but you probably won't hear it from the Indianapolis Star or other local media outlets.  They have discarded even the appearance of having any objectivity.  They just take Lugar at his word rather than ask the questions that national news reporters have been asking recently.

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