Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Could the Final Chapter In the Charlie White Saga Be a Full Exoneration by the Indiana Supreme Court?

Will White be exonerated by the Supremes?
Attorney-blogger Gary Welsh has had it right from the beginning concerning the political persecution of former Secretary of State Charlie White.  

Once again, Welsh hit it out of the ballpark with today's commentary of the oral arguments presented before the Indiana Supreme Court.  I couldn't have said it better myself, so rather than re-invent the wheel, I'll invite readers to conclude why Vop Osli shouldn't be measuring for drapes quite yet.  You can read the entire commentary at this link as well as my two cents worth below. 

The conviction of Charlie White was more than a miscarriage of justice.  It was a political witch-hunt run amok.  White and his family were mercilessly dragged through the mud for months to satisfy White's blood-thirsty political enemies.  

Charlie White kicked Vop Osili's butt at the ballot box, so rather than bow out gracefully, he decided to subvert the will of the people.  Well, I was one of those voters who sent White to the Secretary of State's office, and I will not sit by silently while the sore losers try to disenfranchise my vote and countless others. 

Why did it matter whether White was living with his ex-wife or wife-to-be?  A Secretary of State represents the entire state, not a particular district.  If Charlie White is a criminal, then so are hundreds, maybe thousands of other voters who are inbetween residences during election time.

It's also clear that White didn't get a fair trial as it's been reported that the jury was not allowed to see compelling evidence.  The jury foreman seemed perplexed as well and indicated that had White's attorney presented a defense, he likely would have been acquitted.   

I don't know Charlie White, but I do know injustice when I see it, and apparently a few Indiana Supreme Court justices do as well.

If  comments coming from the high court's bench are any indication, White could soon be restored to his rightful place as Indiana's Secretary of State.  That would be sweet justice in my book.  Until such time, count me as part of the public whose trust has been shattered after watching this man and his family being treated as if a capital crime had been committed. 

Justice Brent Dickson and company were right to question the process with very pointed questions and comments.  Those comments seem to bode well for Charlie White's exoneration and future should he decide to pursue it.


Paul K. Ogden said...

The felony criminal convictions would have to be overturned. The Court only has the civil case before it and that ultimately is a quesiton of whether Vop Osili is Secretary of State or, more likely I think, Daniels appoints.

Diana Vice said...

Very true, I'm just hoping this bodes well for him when White appeals his case, which I hope he does.