Saturday, February 25, 2012

DNC Latest to Comment on Lugar's Political Self-Destruction

From the Democratic National Committee's Website:

Lugar Doesn’t Know What Address Is On His Driver’s License? REALLY!?

The ballooning controversy surrounding Dick Lugar’s Virginia residency just won’t go away. This weekend, Lugar finally answered for having moved out of Indiana in 1977 and just like his campaign spokesman, he proceeded to stick his foot in his mouth twice. First, Lugar admitted that his lack of an Indiana residence has been an “issue for the whole time” he has served in the Senate. But even worse, he told an Indianapolis T.V. station that he didn’t know what address was listed on his Indiana-issued driver’s license.

“Talk about out of touch. Who on earth doesn’t know what address is listed on their driver’s license?” asked Shripal Shah, spokesman for Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. “After moving out of Indiana more than three decades ago, Lugar has shown time and again he has simply lost touch with Hoosier voters. Whether he’s voting to bloat the federal debt by trillions or explaining how he hasn’t lived in Indiana since 1977, Dick Lugar is proving everyday why he’s part of the problem in Washington.”

When asked this weekend why he left Indiana permanently for the D.C. suburbs in 1977, Indiana Senator Dick Lugar didn’t do himself any favors, telling an Indianapolis TV station, “We've had the issue for the whole time I've served in the Senate.” That’s true – Lugar hasn’t lived in Indiana since 1977. But Lugar’s response to questions about the address on his Indiana-issued driver’s license was even worse, with Lugar telling RTV6 that“he isn't sure what address is on his Indiana driver's license but presumes it was from the house he” sold in 1977. The comments come after his campaign previously compared Lugar’s Virginia residency to serving in the military.

Lugar is in the fight for his political life, facing a formidable Republican challenger in Richard Mourdock. Mourdock, who has the support of the Tea Party and grassroots conservative activists, has also received endorsements from more than 75% of Republican county chairmen across the state and has received a slew of endorsements from deep-pocketed conservative groups like the Tea Party Express and the Club For Growth. The Club for Growth as well as Mourdock's campaign have already spent thousands on television railing against his record in Washington.


Anonymous said...

Counterfeit Hoosier

When Lugar, a Counterfeit Hoosier, speaks, he sounds like someone from back-East or Europe. He certainly does not sound like a Hoosier.

Anonymous said...

Lugar represents the true meaning of RINO. Not only is he a Republican in name only but he is a Resident in name only.