Wednesday, February 15, 2012

HFCS Seeks Action From Silent Election Commission, Members Concerned After Discovering Election Commission Chairman Gave Thousands of Dollars to Senator Lugar

Governor Mitch Daniels

Indianapolis, IN, February 14, 2012 – Hoosiers for Conservative Senate (HFCS) will bring a complaint to the office of Governor Mitch Daniels on Thursday February 16th about the residency of Indiana Senator Lugar. The signatures will be delivered at 3:00pm

HFCS will deliver signed forms from each Congressional district requesting Governor Daniels to take action on the Formal Election complaint filed by Greg Wright, Certified Fraud Examiner, of Indianapolis pursuant to Indiana Code 3-6-4.1-12. This Indiana statute provides that citizens from each of Indiana's nine congressional districts may petition the Governor to call a meeting of the State Election Commission if the Commission refuses to meet to perform its duties. One of the statutory duties of the Commission is to investigate violations of the election code and refer potential violations to the prosecuting attorney.

Mr. Wright's complaint to the Indiana Election Commission is based on the fact that Senator Lugar and his wife have been voting absentee from 3200 Highwoods Court in Indianapolis despite the fact that they sold the property in 1977. This complaint was filed in November 30th. No action has been taken by the Election Commission.

Monica Boyer, co-founder of Hoosiers for Conservative senate stated “We are deeply concerned that this complaint is not receiving its due process, and we are asking that the Governor hold the appropriate hearing concerning Senator Richard Lugar using a false address to register to vote. In the wake of the Charlie White case, we must ensure that Indiana does not maintain a double standard and that all public officials are held to the same standards.”“After viewing the FEC reports, Boyer added, “we are concerned with a possible conflict of interest as Chairman Daniel Dumezich has given thousands of dollars to Senator Lugar. We ask the Governor to listen to Hoosiers, and give this complaint a hearing.”

"Senator Lugar has for the past thirty five years used another individuals address as his own for voting purposes. I cannot see how this is in any way different from the felony charges that Secretary of State Charlie White was convicted of," said HFCS co-chair Greg Fettig. "When we allow our politicians to break the law, we become a nation of men and not laws. This jeopardizes the very freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution. The same Constitution that the senator took an oath to uphold and defend".

Also, members of HFCS and concerned citizens will deliver a complaint to the Marion County Election Board and the Marion County Prosecutor's Office asking those agencies to investigate this matter as well.

HFCS is a historic grassroots coalition of over 55 local tea party and patriot organizations across Indiana. The primary goal of HFCS is to restore conservative representation to the U.S. Senate from Indiana.

A press conference will follow immediately after HFCS visits the governor’s office.

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