Thursday, February 2, 2012

Is There Another Scandal Brewing Within Senator Lugar's Campaign Staff? Is Lugar's Campaign Manager Posing as a Federal Agent?

From the Facebook Photo File of "Jack Tripper"
A few weeks ago this blogger received an invitation to become Facebook friends with someone identified as "Jack Tripper."  Not knowing who this person was, the invitation was declined.  The only Jack Tripper in my recollection was the character in Three's Company, a sitcom from the 1980's.
So who is Jack Tripper, and why did he choose to seek me out on Facebook?  According to a political insider, David Wilkie, campaign manager for Senator Richard Lugar is using the pseudonym, listing his occupation as a United States Secret Service Agent.  You can find the page here (unless it suddenly gets deleted).

Mutual Facebook friends of this blogger have apparently accepted his invitation, including political figures such as Mike Pence, Greg Zoeller, Tony Bennett, and Becky Skillman.  Surprisingly, Richard Mourdock is also listed as a Facebook friend of "Tripper's" even though an anti-Mourdock picture is included in a collection of "Tripper's" photos.

Why the subterfuge, and is it legal to pose as a federal agent?

David Wilkie, are you posing as Jack Tripper?  Come out from behind the curtain if you are.

The next question one must ask is that if Jack Tripper is really David Wilkie, will this come back to haunt Senator Richard Lugar?


Paul K. Ogden said...

I think you're thinking of "Schneider" on One Day at a Time. Jack Tripper, played by the late great John Ritter, was a man living with two women on Three's Company. He was a chef and in a spin off later owned his own restaurant.

It's a sad commentary on my upbringing that I know this.

Diana Vice said...

Thanks Paul. Noted and corrected.