Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lugar Files for Indiana Senate Seat In Washington, DC

Senator Richard Lugar officially filed his candidacy for Indiana's Senate seat yesterday.  One would think with all the criticism leveled at him for being out-of-touch with real Hoosiers since he bolted the state 30 plus years ago, he'd at least make it look like he was associated with our state.

Check out the notary public signature on Lugar's paperwork.  You can click on to enlarge.  Lugar signed his official candidacy in Washington, DC, where his loyalties lie and he is still using a phony address.  Lugar and his wife sold the house they swore under oath they resided at over 30 years ago!

When Dick Lugar and his wife moved to Virginia in 1977, Elvis was still alive and Eli Manning had not yet been born. A movie ticket to see newly released Smokey and the Bandit starring Bert Reynolds cost $2. We watched the Waltons and American Bandstand on TV. Dr. Otis Bowen was Indiana’s Governor. A gallon of gas cost 65 cents and a new BMW 320i cost $7,990. A box of Kellogg's Corn Flakes cost 50 cents, Folgers coffee was $1.99 per pound, eggs cost 25 cents a dozen, and a Big Mac cost 30 cents.

Lugar signed his declaration in Washington, DC!
Lugar is still using a phony address to declare his candidacy!
Dick Lugar is out of touch, arrogant, and a prime example of what is wrong with our Elected Elite.

Soon, poor Charlie White will be restrained in handcuffs and driven to the "big house” while Dick Lugar is chauffeured from his multi- million dollar Virginia home to the U S Senate.


M Theory said...

It's how he rubs it in our face that he is above the law and Charlie White is not.

Anonymous said...

About the price on that box of corn flakes: You can credit Dick Lugar's ethanol mandate for much of the increase to current day price. Ditto for those $2.29 a pound pork chops that sold for 97 cents a year ago.