Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nationally Known Political Pundit Takes on Lugar's Residency Controversy

Mark Levin, a nationally known radio host and political pundit, discussed Richard Lugar's residency problem on his show.  You can find the link here.

Levin calls it "bizarre" that Indiana law would allow for such a loophole!  I think it's more than bizarre.  I think if Charlie White or anyone else had done this, there would be no loophole!!

It has been reported that Attorney General Greg Zoeller approves of Lugar using a phony address, but could this support have anything to do with the fact that his wife once worked for the Senator?  Zoeller apparently dodged the question as it pertained to Lugar's wife. 


Diana Vice said...

Mark Levin is right. There should be NO loophole in Indiana! The good citizens of our state must contact our state representatives to change this!

Paul K. Ogden said...

Zoeller is doing what he always does - playing politics with a purely legal issue. He does that with civil forfeiture. He knows the law is invalid and prosecutors are abusing the system by pocketing all the money without turning it over to the schools, but he defends the prosecutors because they have the political power.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Let's be perfectly clear. There is no "loophole" in the law that allows a person to continue running for U.S. Senate without a residency in Indiana. But that is a separate issue from voter fraud and perjury. There most certainly is no law that allows Lugar to sign documents under oath falsely stating he lives at someone else's house when he goes to vote.