Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Primary Victory for Lugar Could Mean a Republican Loss in November Say Democratic Insiders, Indiana Election Division Avoids Lugar Complaint Until After May Primary

Could a Lugar victory result in a Democratic win in November?
Insiders within the Democratic party say they are remaining silent for now about Senator Richard Lugar's alleged voter fraud scandal in hopes that it can be used as an issue in the general election should the senator win at the primary level in May.

According to Democratic insiders within the Indiana Election Division, Republican commission members opted not to call a monthly meeting for January, reportedly to avoid taking up Greg Wright's complaint concerning Lugar's alleged voter fraud.

"They want to avoid the issue until after the primary," stated the source.  "Democrats wanted to discuss the issue; however, it has been tabled." 

Democratic insiders believe that if Lugar should win the Republican primary election, the issue of voter fraud will be enough to defeat Lugar and land a victory for his Democratic opponent; therefore, they are not pushing the issue now. 

Lugar continues to hide behind a legal opinion from former Attorney General Linley Pearson, which he says gives him a legal loophole.  Lugar and his wife continue to vote using an Indianapolis address for a home they haven't owned or lived in for 30 years; however, Attorney Paul Ogden, who served as a Deputy Attorney General during the Pearson administration shares a differing opinion on the matter.

"Let's be perfectly clear," commented Ogden.  "There is no 'loophole' in the law that allows a person to continue running for U.S. Senate without a residency in Indiana. But that is a separate issue from voter fraud and perjury. There most certainly is no law that allows Lugar to sign documents under oath falsely stating he lives at someone else's house when he goes to vote."

Tea Party supporters are rallying behind conservative Richard Mourdock.  Since the scandal has recently made the national news circuit, it has become clear that a primary victory for Richard Lugar could, in fact, result in a Republican loss in November, especially if Democrats initiate legal action over the controversy, which is probable according to political insiders.

Will the local media be able to ignore this growing scandal much longer?  It's all the talk in Washington these days.

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M Theory said...

The irony here is that it doesn't matter whether we get Lugar or a Democrat in office as our Sentor because they are both pretty much represent the same thing.