Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tea Partiers Ask Barbara Boxer to Investigate Lugar's Use of Senate Office for Personal Use

Greg Wright
Greg Wright, the Indianapolis resident and Certified Fraud Examiner who first uncovered the fact that Senator Richard Lugar may have committed voter fraud, has asked Senator Barbara Boxer to launch an investigation into allegations that Lugar is using his Indianapolis Senate office for personal business.  [See Gary Welsh's blog post for details.]

On behalf of fifty-five Indiana Tea Party organizations, Wright sent the following letter via fax to Ms. Boxer today:

W. Gregory Wright
2255 Fox Hill Drive
 Indianapolis, IN 46228
February 19, 2012

Chairman Barbara Boxer Sent Via Fax: (202) 224-7416
Senate Select Committee on Ethics
220 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Regarding: Senator Lugar’s Use of his Official Office for Personal Use

Dear Honorable Barbara Boxer,

Leaders representing fifty-five Indiana Tea Party organizations have asked me to request that you investigate this important matter. Some individual members may contact you.

As Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Ethics, we request that you investigate Senator Richard Lugar’s use of his official Indianapolis office for personal use.

 Whereas, Senator Lugar’s taxpayer paid Indianapolis office is located at Suite 1180, 10 West Market Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204. Please see:

Whereas, Indiana Secretary of State Certified Documents state that Richard D. Lugar is the President of Lugar Stock Farm Inc. and is its current Registered Agent. See attached copy.

Whereas, Indiana Secretary of State Certified Documents state that the address of the Registered Agent of Lugar Stock Farm Inc. is: Richard G. Lugar, 10 West Market Street, Suite 1180, Indianapolis, IN 46204. See attached copy.

Therefore, I respectfully petition the Senate Select Committee on Ethics to promptly conduct an investigation into the aforementioned allegation and refer any violations to the appropriate body.


W. Gregory Wright

Certified Fraud Examiner

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Jon Held said...

What do you expect him to do? The only home he owns in Indiana is a dwelling on the "rancho" where "short Richard" puts up his son. The joint is so high class that it doesn't even have a mailbox or a postal address.
It just seems like we Hoosiers could be a bit more accommodating to the good Senator. He might actually grow to like this state. Who knows he might even consider moving here after retirement; say in January.