Saturday, April 7, 2012

Complaint Filed With Federal Election Commission Against Senator Lugar

Senator Richard Lugar's troubles got bigger this week after a formal complaint and request for investigation was filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Will Dick Lugar be forced to answer to the FEC?
"This letter is for the purpose of filing a complaint and requesting an investigation of possible illegal use of government funds for political travel by U.S. Senator Richard Lugar," read the opening line of a letter dated April 4, 2012, written and filed by Indianapolis resident and Certified Fraud Examiner Greg Wright.

"As you can see from the attached news articles, Senator Lugar has recently admitted that his Senate office improperly paid for thousands of dollars of hotel stay that he incurred in the State of Indiana due to the fact that he does not maintain a residence in the state he represents in the Senate.  He also admitted that it is possible that this 'error' may extend all the way back to 1978, the year he took office.

In addition to the implications under Senate Ethics rules, I believe there may also be campaign finance law violations involved as well.  As you can see from the enclosed memo dated March 22, 2012, much of the government paid travel for which Senator Lugar was reimbursed with official funds over the past two years related to trips back to Indiana from Washington, D.C. which appeared to coincide with widely publicized political fundraising events for Senator Lugar's re-election campaign.

I respectfully request that the Federal Election Commission investigate Senator Lugar's official travel and determine whether his campaign must reimburse the federal government for all or part of the travel related to these and other political events."

It will be interesting to see how Lugar's friends and political allies in the lamestream media spin this one should the FEC decide to move forward with an investigation.  I can only imagine if Charlie White had done the things Lugar has done when it comes to breaking rules and laws.  There would likely be another crucifixtion to read about during this Easter season.

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Sandra Brown said...

Isn't this the second ethics charge reported against Senator Lugar? How is this complaint different from the others?

Why is it that Abdul-Hakim Shabazzz and his cigar smoking pal, Gary Snyder, are not talking about these Lugar issues? Obviously they are not independent.