Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lugar Re-Visits the Scene of the Crime

Lugar re-visits the scene of the crime.

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By: Callum Dalgliesh

Senator Lugar held a press conference at the Marott Hotel on April 25th promising a knockout punch against Mourdock. He attempted to make the case that he was more conservative than Mourdock by digging up irrelevant information from 1992; however, according to the media, Lugar was unsuccessful.

But, there is an old story about the Marott Hotel in 1992 that Lugar would NOT have told us about at his April 25th press conference. Ask him about it and watch him pivot and look for the door. He he he.

In 1992, Lugar was chairman of the Senate Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, and the Marott had fallen on hard times perhaps headed for the wrecking ball. The Indianapolis HUD office had turned down a request for money to renovate the hotel. Did I mention that the request had been made by a Lugar political supporter? True.

Right after the Indianapolis HUD office rejected the request, the local HUD Director was removed, and another Lugar campaign contributor was appointed to take over. She and her husband routinely contributed to Lugar’s campaign coffers, and she later told Newsday magazine that she was instructed by the regional HUD officers to approve the $13 million loan immediately.

Read the complete story of this and other examples of Lugar’s political corruption at:

If you want to change Washington D.C., you will not be successful if you continue to send the same old Liberals and RINO politicians.

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