Sunday, April 1, 2012

State Audit Reveals MSD Washington Township Illegally Spent Over a Million Dollars for Securatex Contract

Where is Jim Mervilde?
Does anyone know where former MSD Washington Township Superintendent Jim Mervilde is hiding these days?  If so, he needs to answer for the illegal actions of school officials while under his watch.  Some are now wondering if Mervilde chose an early retirement rather than face the heat that he likely knew was coming.

The audit results are in, and as this blogger reported earlier, the school district  illegally spent over a million dollars for Securatex security services, leaving the district vulnerable to potential lawsuits from taxpayers.  This blogger had earlier discovered that Securatex was operating without a valid contract and brought it to the attention of state auditors. 

In addition, state auditors concluded that the school district paid $1,255,524 for the security services from the district's Capital Projects Fund, monies that are to be used exclusively "for the construction, repair, replacement, remodeling, or maintenance of a school facility..and may not exceed five percent (5%) of the property tax revenues levied for teh fund in the calendar year."

Former school board member Greg Wright attempted to warn Mervilde and fellow school board members of the illegality; however, the warnings fell on deaf ears. The largely rubber stamp school board members were complicit in the wrongdoing, and they should be required to answer for such blatant mismanagement.

Along with an array of other illegalities, the audit report also revealed that North Central High School students were charged parking fees and assessed fines even though the school board never approved the fees, which totaled $53,239.07 for the 2010-2011 school year.  Will students be reimbursed for the illegal and unconstitutional confiscation of student money?

"Fees should only be collected as specifically authorized by statute or properly authorized resolutions or ordinances, as applicable, which are not contrary to statutory or Constitutional provisions," read a portion of the audit report.

Once again, Greg Wright was right.  How long will taxpayers tolerate the rubber stamp school board at MSD Washington Township?

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