Monday, May 7, 2012

Richard Mourdock Gets Warm Welcome in West Lafayette

Richard Mourdock, the future of my grandchildren, Hunter & Charlotte
Three generations of my family were in the room today to witness history being made.  Along with members of the national media, we were at the Immanuel Reformed Presbyterian Church in West Lafayette this afternoon to hear Richard Mourdock make a final appeal to voters before tomorrow's election.

There was notable excitment, cheering and whistling as Mourdock entered the room.  He was interrupted by applause a few times and he was near to shedding tears as he proudly declared that he hopes that his life is a mission for a greater purpose.  He began by praising his opponent, Richard Lugar.  He addressed several young people in the audience, including a boy scout troop who intently listened from the front row.

"Richard Lugar is not my enemy," he told them after admonishing them to remember that politics is about ideas, not making enemies of a particular opponent.  Mourdock expressed his respect for Lugar and advised the scouts to model their lives after someone like him who has served his country for decades.

This blogger was interviewed by members of the national press, including CBS News.  The reporter noted the excitement in the room, which was contrasted by another reporter to the lack of excitement surrounding Lugar's appearances today.

"He went to a sewage treatment plant on the eve of an historic election," bemoaned the reporter.  "I wanted to suggest that he go to a mall or someplace where there are people."

Several guests at the event were asked why we were supporting Mourdock in lieu of an eight-term senator.  The consensus was unanimous.  Lugar has worn out his welcome.  He forgot where he came from.  He is no longer a Hoosier, but a Washington insider who thinks he is the only one qualified to serve as an Indiana Senator.  Sorry, Mr. Lugar, but that arrogant attitude became your political downfall.

I was quick to tell the reporter that I have not been this excited about a candidate since voting for Ronald Reagan.  Richard Mourdock is a genuine, compassionate, down-to-earth Hoosier who respects the Constitution of the United States. 

I heard Richard Mourdock speak at the Tippecanoe County Republican Women's Breakfast well over a year ago prior to his announcement that he would seek the Senate office.  I remember telling my friend, Jon Held, that this was the man who would unseat Richard Lugar.  Although Jon was as disillusioned with Richard Lugar as I was, he told me then that it was "wishful thinking."  But that was before Jon heard Richard Mourdock speak.  Today, Jon hosted the church meeting where many Hoosier citizens were cheering on their next Indiana Senator.

Here's my official "I told you so," Jon, but I'm sure you don't mind hearing it knowing that we'll be well-represented in Washington come January.

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M Theory said...

Mourdock officially kicked off his campaign on George Washington's birthday (February 22, 2011) in the Arts Garden which sits on top of Washington Street (aka Old National Road/U.S. 40) that leads to Washington.

The symbolism was not lost on me. I decided as soon as I heard about the announcement I would be there with homemade tokens for his crowd.

I made up little grass seed pouches in navy netting with gold ribbons and passed them out as a reminder to everyone how important grass roots are. I also want to give Mourdock encouragement because it didn't look like he would likely win back then.

I gave one to Mourdock who took the time to tell me that Richard Lugar started his campaigns a long time ago doing that.

The difference? Mourdock's campaign wasn't doing the grass seed bundles. Mourdock's grassroots did it for him.

Mourdock had only kind words for Lugar when he launched his campaign too.

I had a few grass seeds left over which I planted by the George Washington statue at the State House and I bet they grew.