Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wilson Education Center Audit Flawless Thanks to Phil Partenheimer

Phil Partenheimer cleaned up the corruption.
What a difference a quality leader and a little public scrutiny can make! 

"It took me three years to get our audit cleaned up," announced Dr. Phil Partenheimer in an email note to this blogger.   

The thoughtful note was certainly the highlight of my day.

Three years ago, the Wilson Education Center, one of nine educational service centers in Indiana, was at the center of controversy for its role in the no-bid roofing debacle that resulted in a multi-million dollar taxpayer rip-off . 

This blogger blew the whistle on this and related corruption by contacting public officials, which eventually resulted in  the resignation of former Wilson Education Center director Larry Risk and the termination of Gregg Sinders, legislative liaison for the agency.  [See Related Story: Larry Risk was a No Show at Audit Exit Interview at this link.]

It's also interesting to note that this Tea Party blog was created a few years before the national tea party fever erupted and in direct response to the cover-up of the no-bid roofing scandal that originated at the Wilson Education Center.  

State legislators also threatened to abolish Indiana ESC's because of the controversy. 

The scandal eventually led to a scathing audit report issued by the Indiana State Board of Accounts.  You can access the previous audit report, which is now being used in other states to expose similar corruption, at this link.

After years of fighting the corruption and defending myself against a frivilous lawsuit brought by the multi-billion dollar, out-of-state roofing corporation, former Attorney General Steve Carter declared the no-bid scheme to be illegal and school districts throughout Indiana were forced to obey the law and to stop squandering hard-earned tax dollars. 

Indiana roofing businesses were also given half a chance to compete on a more level playing field, although this blogger still receives reports of alleged schemes by roofing industry operatives to extort Indiana tax dollars from unsuspecting school officials without going through the proper bid process.  At least they're no longer doing it through the Wilson Education Center.  Not with Phil Partenheimer in charge! 

Using this blogger's research, others have gone on to fight similar corruption in several states throughout the nation.  Federal investigators also continue to take an interest in the resulting evidence.

After Larry Risk left in disgrace, Dr. Phil Partenheimer was chosen to clean up the corruption.  Partenheimer had the courage to call this blogger shortly after taking over at the Wilson Education Center, vowing to clean up the corruption. 

Today, I am pleased to announce that Dr. Partenheimer was true to his word.  Last week, the State Board of Accounts issued a flawless audit report of the Wilson Education Center. You can access the current report at this link.

Thank you, Dr. Partenheimer, from the bottom of my heart.  You have earned my respect and admiration, and that's not an easy task.


M Theory said...

I've never heard you use the words "flawless" and "audit" in the same sentence.

This can only mean times are changing!

Thanks for your work!

Your admirer,

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