Friday, October 30, 2009

NWIESC Makes it Official: It is no longer participating in the Tremco multi-state roofing bid

The September and October board minutes for the NWIESC are now posted to its website and there are a few interesting tidbits to report.

First, the September, 2009 board minutes reveal that the NWIESC has officially pulled the plug on the AEPA/Tremco no-bid scheme.

"The NWIESC will no longer be participating in the Tremco multi-state roofing bid," read an excerpt from the report.

The October report reveals that "All ESC Directors have been advised that the Wilson Center has taken the audit "hit" for the long disputed interpretation of roofing repair vs. roofing replacement in the public works context which has now been clarified. Therefore, any school corporation who has in the past utilized Tremco will not be penalized in any way."

Okay, so there we have it in black and white. The Wilson Center is left holding the bag for the Tremco no-bid debacle, and rightfully so. They have been selling a lie to school districts, leading them to believe that there was a big cost savings associated with the no-bid scheme. They led school superintendents astray by telling them it was legal when it certainly was not.

There was also a behind-the-scenes effort by some ESC directors to discredit me for complaining about the no-bid scheme that was costing taxpayers millions of dollars in unnecessary spending. Those were all lies too. I'm still waiting for apologies and retractions.

There are others who are just as culpable as the WEC officials in my opinion. It was revealed in earlier board minutes that at least one ESC was doing it for the "money back." ESC's left a trail of damaging board minutes that helped put the AEPA/no-bid scheme out of its misery.

Now, school districts are required to follow the law when it comes to bidding public works projects. From what I'm hearing, taxpayers are realizing a significant savings as a result. I'll be reporting in more detail on that in the near future.

In addition, there's an effort underway to eliminate the public's right to know by destroying public records at one service center....more to follow in the coming days and weeks. Stay tuned. I'm rested and ready to go.