Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Plymouth Citizens Appeal to Governor in Last Ditch Effort for Justice

Breaking State News:

The following was sent to media outlets and Indiana government officials by Plymouth residents in a last ditch effort for justice...
Indiana Inspector General Dave Thomas has refused to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate alleged cover ups by the Indiana State Police and the Indiana Department of Education of alleged criminal computer tampering believed maliciously committed by Plymouth public school superintendents Dan Tyree and John Hill (retired) on 10/4/07. Mr. Thomas’s  denial is contrary to his stated responsibilities:

 "We (the Inspector General's Office) only have jurisdiction to investigate criminal, ethics, and efficiency violations in the Executive Branch of Indiana Government and its administrative agencies.” (IG website)

Both the ISP and the IDOE are departments in the executive branch.

When requested by Plymouth, Indiana citizens (spokesperson Dare Hawes) for Mr. Thomas to explain why the Inspector General refuses to  investigate the ISP and the IDOE for their acknowledged refusal to investigate this alleged  public crime  (IC 35-43-1-4) and civil violations (IC 20-28-9-212) of “immorality, insubordination, neglect of duty, good and just cause” by these two Plymouth public school superintendents, Thomas responded by email on 9/25/12:

 “My decision was based on Indiana law.”  What? IG Thomas refused to explain.

 This is most disturbing to Plymouth citizens as this crime is fully substantiated with strong testimony from respected educator Michael Edison, fully documented evidence of criminal computer tampering, and expert analysis of that data.

 Since the Statute of Limitations of this alleged crime expires on 10/4/12, Plymouth Citizens have urgently appealed to both Mr. Thomas and Governor Mitch Daniels to take expedient legal action to appoint a Special Prosecutor under IC 4-2-7-7.  There in, it is stated that this appointment by Thomas and Daniels can take effect if   “ . . .  the governor finds that the appointment of the inspector general as a special prosecuting attorney is in the best interests of justice.”

Governor Daniels has yet to respond, despite the clock ticking down. In the interests of justice, Plymouth citizens  assert either these state leaders will finally seek justice, or obstruct justice in this fully documented public crime.


Hawes asks citizens to expediently call Governor Daniels at 317-232-4567 and plead with him for all Indiana citizens' welfare o appoint a Special Prosecutor "at the last hour" to intervene in this public school corruption /white collar crime case. The Statute of Limitations is October 4, 2012...just a few days away. this is urgent!



Friday, September 14, 2012

Judge Loretta Rush Will Serve the Supreme Court with Honor

Governor Daniels made a wise choice when he appointed Judge Loretta Rush to the Indiana Supreme Court today.  As a CASA, I have advocated for abused and neglected children in Judge Rush's court for several years, and she is, by far, at the top of my list when it comes to public officials who have earned my complete trust and respect.

Along with her common sense, she has many outstanding qualities, but the one thing I admire most about Loretta Rush is the fact that she is not afraid to stand up for what is right in spite of political consequences. 

Unlike some juvenile judges throughout the state, Rush is clearly not a rubber stamp for the Department of Child Services.  Rush recently appeared before the state legislature and gave clear and concise testimony about serious flaws in the system while she was being considered for the Supreme Court.  The constructive criticism was risky, politically speaking, but Judge Rush stood by her convictions, and she did so, because she knows what is at stake, and she understands that lives may depend on her intervention.

As a CASA, I have only seen a small glimpse compared to what Judge Rush has seen.  Knowing that, I don't know how that woman sleeps at night.  I also know that the Department of Child Services has serious problems, and I applaud her for wanting to fix what is clearly broken.  Sometimes, I feel like my role is to protect children from the system rather than abusive parents, so I can only imagine how she wrestles with all the problems she is faced with.

While Rush's departure will be a huge loss for children in Tippecanoe County, her appointment as Supreme Court Justice will benefit all Hoosiers.  With a huge lump in my throat, my heartfelt congratulations to The Honorable Judge Loretta Rush, a woman I truly respect and admire.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Lawsuit Forces School District to Abandon Practice of Co-Op Roof Purchasing

Taxpayers scored a huge victory in Pennsylvania as another death knell tolled for the no-bid roofing scheme perpetrated by the Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies (AEPA). 

Nicholas Shears and Michael DuCharme, employees of Carlisle SynTec Systems, filed a lawsuit in June 2009, contending that the district’s use of a purchasing cooperative bypassed state competitive bidding laws, resulting in higher costs for taxpayers. Indiana officials associated with the AEPA were eventually deposed as witnesses in the Pennsylvania lawsuit.  The lawsuit was recently settled out-of-court after school district officials agreed to stop using the shady practice of purchasing school roof jobs via the controversial procurement method.

The scheme came to a screeching halt in Indiana in 2008 after the former Indiana Attorney General issued an official opinion declaring its illegality.  As a result, Indiana's nine educational service centers abandoned the shady practice of purchasing multi-million dollar roof jobs via the buying co-op. 

The scandalous procurement method of the AEPA gained national scrutiny after Indiana taxpayers were sued by Tremco, the Ohio-based roofing manufacturer that was awarded the sole contract for providing school roofing projects without going through a legal public bidding process as outlined by various state legislatures.  The lawsuit turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it served as a catalyst for public and law enforcement officials to look into complaints that began piling up nationwide.

Nicholas Shears and Michael DuCharme, employees of Carlisle SynTec Systems, filed the lawsuit in June 2009, contending that the district’s use of a purchasing cooperative bypassed state competitive bidding laws, resulting in higher costs for taxpayers.  Indiana officials associated with the AEPA were eventually deposed as witnesses in the Pennsylvania lawsuit.

Here's what the victors had to say to a Pennsylvania news reporter after scoring the huge victory:

"We’re glad the school district understands it can save taxpayer money by competitively bidding projects requiring roof work to ensure that the most qualified option is selected," said DuCharme, director of product marketing for the company.

"Unfortunately, the well-intended cooperative purchasing method has resulted in inflated costs due to the inherent complexity of construction work," DuCharme added.

You can read the entire story at this link.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Guest Column: Andre' X a/k/a Andre' Carson

Andre’ X a/k/a Andre’ Carson

By Callum Dalgliesh

According to former IndyStar reporter, Ruth Holladay, in her blog, Andre’ Carson “…was influenced, as a teen-ager, by the biography of Malcom X, and by NOI (Nation of Islam) members and an offshoot group, the Five Percent Nation or the Five Percenters.”  Louis Farrakhan (born Louis Eugene Wolcot) is the leader of the Nation of Islam and that controversial Muslim that endorsed Andre’ and preached at the funeral of Andre’s grandmother, Congresswomen, Julia Carson. 

The said about Andre’s conversion to Islam that, “he (Andre Carson) asked for spiritual guidance from Iman Muhammad Siddeeq who also counseled Mike Tyson.  Siddeq is a former assistant to Louis Farrakhan.”

Accordingly, it was not surprising to learn from an Indiana Muslim reporter that “Andre’ X” is the Muslim name adopted by Andre’ Carson.  It appears to be in recognition of his reverence for the work of Malcom X. 

But, you won’t see Andre’ X on any election ballot. 

The majority of the campaign money funding Andre’ Carson’s run for Congress is from the Muslim and controversial sources.  When Congressman Carson ran against Democrat David Orentlicher in the 2008 primary, the following YouTube video discussing that issue was posted.  While Orentlicher denied authorizing this YouTube broadcast; he did not either condemn it or urge its posting to be pulled down from YouTube.  It remains today. 

The controversial Andre’ X’s (born Andre’ Carson) political contributions continue to be from out-of-state and suspicious sources.  Some say that many of his contributors are tied to Muslim extremists and some on the Homeland Security’s No Fly List.  More on this important subject at a later date. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

International Roofing Association Denounces Public Roofing Projects Purchased Via Controversial Procurement Process

Sign left at a statehouse hearing room to discuss the no-bid scheme
One could say that it's better late than never.  RCI, Inc., an international association of professional consultants, architects, and engineers, formally denounced the use of purchasing agencies by government agencies (including schools) for buying roofing services and materials via the controversial process.  A statement was issued to the press this week.

"Because the use of group-purchasing agencies, 'buy boards,' and other similar purchasing models in any type of buiding construction, remediation or rehabilitation is not transparent, does not provide a competitive bid situation, and may not ensure compliance with the minimum requirements of the codes, RCI believes they should not be utilized," read a portion of a position announcement issued by RCI on June 26, 2012.  "Independent consulting and competitive bidding are much more likely to meet these objectives and conserve the taxpayer/stakeholder assets," it went on to read.

As a result, the RCI Board of Directors adopted the following position:
RCI, Inc. supports public policies, requirements, and administrative procedures in public procurement processes that mandate the open selection of goods, services, and construction contracts on the basis of qualifications and opposes such procurement on the sole basis of fees, costs, and/or proprietary specifications. Competitive, qualifications-based selection is essential to fostering fair and impartial purchasing that serves public health and safety in the built environment. Preserving the health, safety and welfare of the public is a moral, ethical, and legal requirement for a procurement agency as well as the provider. RCI, Inc. maintains that the public is best served by a procurement process which meets the unique and specific requirements inherent in each individual project and contract.
Read the entire statement at this link.

This significant move is long overdue as taxpayers and individual members of the roofing industry have been fighting the illegalities of what some have referred to as a "multi-billion dollar roofing fraud scheme" for several years.
In fact, this blogger and other taxpayers were sued by Tremco, an Ohio-based roofing manufacturer, for petitioning Indiana government officials with concerns about the no-bid roofing scheme that was eventually deemed to be illegal by former Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter.

The Attorney General's opinion did not come without a fight as he and other government officials first ignored the pleas of Indiana taxpayers as they were being persecuted by an Ohio-based roofing manufacturing giant with deep pockets. 

It was also discovered that the schemers hired lawyers with close associations with high-ranking government officials, including the governor, who remained silent on the matter even though he had issued a moratorium on wasteful school construction spending.  The tenacious taxpayers were not deterred or intimidated, however.

With the help of Senators Tom Weatherwax and Ron Alting, the beleaguered taxpayers found welcomed relief as the legislators began introducing legislation to tie up perceived loopholes that schemers were using to perpetrate what many in the roofing industry were referring to as "corruption and fraud."  The schemers responded by sending in lobbyists to protect the interest of the out-of-state corporations. 

Former Senator Teresa Lubbers did an about-face after meeting with lobbyists.  As Chairman of the Education Committee, she gave into their demands by derailing a bill that had received bi-partisan support on first reading.  Taxpayers saw first hand how things really worked at the Indiana statehouse.  Hoosier interests took a back seat to the personal loyalties of politically-connected lobbyists. Persistence eventually paid off, however.
Lubbers turned her back on taxpayers after politically-connected lobbyists intervened

The political fall-out took a major toll on the scheme as the facade began to crumble and the motives for suing taxpayers became much clearer.  The attempts to silence the critics of the scheme severely backfired as they began receiving nationwide notice.

This blog was originally created for the purpose of drawing attention to the fact that the scheme was costing Indiana taxpayers millions of dollars while Indiana businesses were being shut out of the competition in favor of Tremco, the sole vendor for Indiana's Educational Service Centers.  The efforts of taxpayers and roofing industry representatives proved to be successful as the scheme was eventually shut down in the Hoosier state.

Protests against the scheme eventually spread to other states, including Pennsylvania, where the same no-bid procurement mechanism was being implemented by Association of Educational Purchasing Agency.  A lawsuit is now in full swing in Pennsylvania where taxpayers were being ripped off to the tune of over $300,000,000 million dollars each year!  The scheme has also drawn the attention of attorneys general in other states.  In addition, the FBI has reportedly been investigating the alleged fraud.  Needless to say, suing taxpayers had a boomerang effect in what started out as a David vs. Goliath battle.

This blog stands as a testament to the fact that a few people, including an ordinary housewife, pitted agaisnt tyranny, can succeed with perseverance and patience.

This is a story that keeps on giving.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wilson Education Center Audit Flawless Thanks to Phil Partenheimer

Phil Partenheimer cleaned up the corruption.
What a difference a quality leader and a little public scrutiny can make! 

"It took me three years to get our audit cleaned up," announced Dr. Phil Partenheimer in an email note to this blogger.   

The thoughtful note was certainly the highlight of my day.

Three years ago, the Wilson Education Center, one of nine educational service centers in Indiana, was at the center of controversy for its role in the no-bid roofing debacle that resulted in a multi-million dollar taxpayer rip-off . 

This blogger blew the whistle on this and related corruption by contacting public officials, which eventually resulted in  the resignation of former Wilson Education Center director Larry Risk and the termination of Gregg Sinders, legislative liaison for the agency.  [See Related Story: Larry Risk was a No Show at Audit Exit Interview at this link.]

It's also interesting to note that this Tea Party blog was created a few years before the national tea party fever erupted and in direct response to the cover-up of the no-bid roofing scandal that originated at the Wilson Education Center.  

State legislators also threatened to abolish Indiana ESC's because of the controversy. 

The scandal eventually led to a scathing audit report issued by the Indiana State Board of Accounts.  You can access the previous audit report, which is now being used in other states to expose similar corruption, at this link.

After years of fighting the corruption and defending myself against a frivilous lawsuit brought by the multi-billion dollar, out-of-state roofing corporation, former Attorney General Steve Carter declared the no-bid scheme to be illegal and school districts throughout Indiana were forced to obey the law and to stop squandering hard-earned tax dollars. 

Indiana roofing businesses were also given half a chance to compete on a more level playing field, although this blogger still receives reports of alleged schemes by roofing industry operatives to extort Indiana tax dollars from unsuspecting school officials without going through the proper bid process.  At least they're no longer doing it through the Wilson Education Center.  Not with Phil Partenheimer in charge! 

Using this blogger's research, others have gone on to fight similar corruption in several states throughout the nation.  Federal investigators also continue to take an interest in the resulting evidence.

After Larry Risk left in disgrace, Dr. Phil Partenheimer was chosen to clean up the corruption.  Partenheimer had the courage to call this blogger shortly after taking over at the Wilson Education Center, vowing to clean up the corruption. 

Today, I am pleased to announce that Dr. Partenheimer was true to his word.  Last week, the State Board of Accounts issued a flawless audit report of the Wilson Education Center. You can access the current report at this link.

Thank you, Dr. Partenheimer, from the bottom of my heart.  You have earned my respect and admiration, and that's not an easy task.

Monday, May 14, 2012

New Hampshire's Hillsborough County Attorney Backs Off Wire Tapping Charges Against Gerard Beloin After Blog Article Goes Viral; "Help is on the way," Says Former State Republican Chairman

As reported last February, Gerard Beloin has been sitting in a New Hampshire state prison for over a year after blowing the whistle on alleged school roofing corruption in his hometown of Goffstown.  This comes on the heels of a recent Reuters news story that gave the State of New Hampshire a D rating for being one of the most politically corrupt states in the nation.  The incredible plight of Gerard Beloin is proof that it deserves an F.

"There is a sickness, a disease, a perversion in the New Hampshire justice system," wrote Beloin from his prison cell.  "I'm not the progenitor of this madness, I'm simply the recorder and the reporter." 

Beloin's supporters are referring to the whistleblower as a "political prisoner" as 2nd Amendment groups and elected officials, including the former Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party, are now jumping on board to help in Beloin's plight for justice as the news makes its way around the country via the Internet. 

"He now sits in jail, the victim of a railroad job like no other I have seen," wrote Jack Kimball, former Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican party.  "If this can be done to Gerard, then it certainly can be done to any of us."

Kimball vowed, "Help is on the way and we won't stop until we succeed in getting Gerard back home."

Beloin is crediting Kimball's intervention as well as a story published via this blog, entitled "Is Gerard Beloin a Political Prisoner?" for an unexpected move by the Hillsborough County Attorney to announce via a letter dated April 25, 2012, that he will not be pursing wiretapping charges against Beloin. 

Until now, Beloin has been threatened for the past couple of years with wiretapping charges for doing nothing more than recording multiple death threats being made against him, including one warning that he would "disappear like Jimmy Hoffa" if he did not stop speaking out against the corruption of elected officials.

"Our office has decided not to prosecute you at this time for wiretapping. Therefore, you are free to make arrangements with the evidence department at the New Boston Police Department to arrange to have your personal property returned to you," wrote Kenneth L. Perkins, the Hillsborough County Attorney.

Beloin's arrest for the phony wiretapping charges led to an eventual arrest and charges for handgun possession.  Had it not been for bogus wiretapping charges, there would be no handgun charges since Beloin was previously licensed to carry a handgun. 

Although Beloin had a clean record prior to the bogus charges being leveled against him, an overzealous judge sentenced him to six years in prison where he now sits, even though prosecutors argued for no prison time since it was a first offense.  The judge cited Beloin's unrepentent attitude for the stiff sentence; however, Beloin contends that he has nothing to repent of.  He was merely doing what any prudent citizen would do in the face of being threatened with death for blowing the whistle on massive corruption.

The New Hampshire Supreme Court has agreed to hear Beloin's grievances, which may occur this week.  This blogger and other activists from around the country have filed Friend of the Court briefs on Beloin's behalf. 

We will continue to follow this story as well as provide intriguing details in a continuing saga, which is the subject of a tell-all book that Gerard is writing for publication from behind bars, where he is also running for Congress in hopes of drawing attention to his persecution.

If you want to help, please make a contribution or mail a check made out to Gerard Beloin for Congress, P. O. Box 304, New Boston, NH  03070.  Gerard could also use help with legal fees as his wife and daughter have been left without a husband and father to provide for them for the past year.

Stay tuned...this story is an unbelievable one, and I've only scratched the surface.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Richard Mourdock Gets Warm Welcome in West Lafayette

Richard Mourdock, the future of my grandchildren, Hunter & Charlotte
Three generations of my family were in the room today to witness history being made.  Along with members of the national media, we were at the Immanuel Reformed Presbyterian Church in West Lafayette this afternoon to hear Richard Mourdock make a final appeal to voters before tomorrow's election.

There was notable excitment, cheering and whistling as Mourdock entered the room.  He was interrupted by applause a few times and he was near to shedding tears as he proudly declared that he hopes that his life is a mission for a greater purpose.  He began by praising his opponent, Richard Lugar.  He addressed several young people in the audience, including a boy scout troop who intently listened from the front row.

"Richard Lugar is not my enemy," he told them after admonishing them to remember that politics is about ideas, not making enemies of a particular opponent.  Mourdock expressed his respect for Lugar and advised the scouts to model their lives after someone like him who has served his country for decades.

This blogger was interviewed by members of the national press, including CBS News.  The reporter noted the excitement in the room, which was contrasted by another reporter to the lack of excitement surrounding Lugar's appearances today.

"He went to a sewage treatment plant on the eve of an historic election," bemoaned the reporter.  "I wanted to suggest that he go to a mall or someplace where there are people."

Several guests at the event were asked why we were supporting Mourdock in lieu of an eight-term senator.  The consensus was unanimous.  Lugar has worn out his welcome.  He forgot where he came from.  He is no longer a Hoosier, but a Washington insider who thinks he is the only one qualified to serve as an Indiana Senator.  Sorry, Mr. Lugar, but that arrogant attitude became your political downfall.

I was quick to tell the reporter that I have not been this excited about a candidate since voting for Ronald Reagan.  Richard Mourdock is a genuine, compassionate, down-to-earth Hoosier who respects the Constitution of the United States. 

I heard Richard Mourdock speak at the Tippecanoe County Republican Women's Breakfast well over a year ago prior to his announcement that he would seek the Senate office.  I remember telling my friend, Jon Held, that this was the man who would unseat Richard Lugar.  Although Jon was as disillusioned with Richard Lugar as I was, he told me then that it was "wishful thinking."  But that was before Jon heard Richard Mourdock speak.  Today, Jon hosted the church meeting where many Hoosier citizens were cheering on their next Indiana Senator.

Here's my official "I told you so," Jon, but I'm sure you don't mind hearing it knowing that we'll be well-represented in Washington come January.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Democrats Mourn Richard Lugar's Pending Historical Political Loss

With the election two days away, liberal Democrats are already mourning the historical loss of Richard Lugar to the United States Senate.  The mourners include the writer of the Indy Democrat Blog, in a piece entitled, "This Is It for Lugar."

And why shouldn't this be it for Lugar?  After all, he has no business representing Republicans when he acts and votes like a Democrat!  The fact that liberals are mourning his impending loss is proof enough that it's time for Lugar to go.  Since he wouldn't go gracefully, he had to be shoved off the left exit of the political stage.

"Dick Lugar is among a handful of people who have shaped my ideas and who will be surrounding me in the White House," stated Barak Obama.

Need I go on?  The list of Lugar's offenses is a long one, but we can stop with the fact that Dick Lugar and Barak Obama are joined at the hip.  Dick Lugar is not qualified to represent Hoosier values.

Clearly, Dick Lugar is not a conservative, but what has become more clear over the past decade is that Dick Lugar is not even a moderate.  He's a flaming liberal, and it's time to extinguish the flame.

In contrast, Richard Mourdock is a true American patriot who respects the Constitution.  He's down-to-earth, and he's not above mingling with common folks.  In fact, he will be visiting a few close friends in my hometown of Lafayette tomorrow afternoon. 

It won't be the first time I've met Mr. Mourdock.  I first heard him speak over a year ago at a Tippecanoe County Republican Women's breakfast.  I remember being so excited after hearing him that I called up a few friends and declared, "This is the man who will unseat Richard Lugar!"  Although they shared my view that it was time for Lugar to go, those friends thought it was wishful thinking on my part.  But that was before they heard the man speak.

My friends underestimated Richard Mourdock that day, the same way Richard Lugar apparently did.  But that was before they heard him speak.  That was before they knew what he stood for. 

I predict that if Richard Mourdock doesn't forget the people who sent him to Washington, he will go down in history as one of the best United States Senators this nation has ever had.

Jefferson High School Newspaper Earns Top Award

Congratulations to Jeff Booster newspaper advisor and students for earning top honors for their high school newspaper.  And to think a few liberals tried (but failed) to destroy Mr. Herber's career a few years ago.  This blogger, who was then editor of The Family Times, exposed the sinister plot, and the plotters were sent packing.  (A recap of the story that rocked the halls of Jefferson High School in the fall of 1998 will be forthcoming.)

Go to this link for the WLFI story.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Clinton Prairie School Superitendent Exposed in State Audit for Spending Tax Dollars Illegally

Another day, another Indiana school superintendent caught helping himself to tax dollars that don't belong to him.  This time the white collar crimes took place in a small farming community in Clinton County near Frankfort, Indiana, where media watchdogs are virtually non-existent.  Former school board member and farmer, Jim Fisher, Sr., had asked state auditors to look into questionable spending practices in the past.  Perhaps his persistence has finally paid off. 

While some taxpayers in the school district were struggling to make ends meet, Superintendent Charles Fink was taking a limousine ride from a restaurant to a hotel at taxpayer expense during a tax-funded trip to San Francisco.  State auditors also discovered that Fink and three school board members stayed a few extra days at taxpayer expense even though there was no school business to conduct.

In addition, Fink also took $3,000 for mileage reimbursement fees that he was not entitled to.

Seven funds were overdrawn to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, including the Capital Projects Fund for a total of $749,329.  Some of the money was illegally used for the salaries of Extra-Curricular Treasurers in violation of state law.

These were just a few items noted in a recent audit report for the Clinton Prairie School District.  You can access the audit report at this link.

"We noted several deficiencies in the internal control system of the School Corporation related to financial transactions and reporting," began the ten page report. 

Here are other excerpts from the report:


In reviewing travel disbursements during the audit period, we noted instances where the expenses did not appear to be reasonable or necessary.  The Superintendent of Schools and three School Board of Trustees members attended a School Board Association meeting in San Francisco in April 2011.  Although the registration stated that the meeting began on April 9th and ended on April 11th, three of the Board members flew in on April 7 and were paid $50 per diem for April 8th on which no meetings were held.  The Superintendent of Schools arrived on April 8th and remained until April 13 and received $50 per diem for April 12th when no meetings were held.  The total additional cost for these payments was $200.  Through the use of the corporate credit card the School Corporation paid for hotel rooms at $248.50 per night for those days when no meetings were being held resulting in a total additional cost of $994.  (Three Board members hotel charge on April 7th at $248.50 per night and the Superintendent's hotel charge on April 12th at $248.50 per night)

Imagine Supertintendent Fink riding in a limo at taxpayer expense
During the San Francisco trip, the Superintendent of Schools was reimbursed $100 for the rental of a limousine for transportation from the hotel to a restaurant.  In addition, one Board member was reimbursed $359.38 for mileage to Chicago, a hotel stay in Chicago, and transportation from that hotel to the airport so he could fly to San Francisco for the meeting.  There was no documentation presented for audit that any School Corporation business was conducted in Chicago during that trip.  We also noted instances where reimbursement were paid without the actual receipt provided.


The School Corporation, at the time of charging and collecting textbook rental fees, requires other fees to be paid including, but not limited to, Convocation Fees, Report Card Fees, Postage Fees, Processing Fees, and Technology Fees.  The School Corporation officials could not always provide documentation to verify students received consumable goods or services equal to the fee charged...


The Elementary School is charging more than 25 percent of the actual cost of the textbook annually.


Debt Services ($337,327)
Capital Projects ($749,329
Transportation ($336,229)
Bus Replacement ($336229)
Preschool ($141,561)
Retirement ($29,830)
Textbook Rental ($20,700)


In reviewing disbursements paid by the School Corporation's credit card, we noted numerous payments for meals at local restaurants and food purchases for meetings.  We noted other disbursements for retirement gifts and meals....

There's more, but the bottom line is that this is all illegal.  This is NOT for the children.  This is stealing from the children.  Taxpayers should demand repayment and accountability.   Will the local prosecutor be bold enough to take on this challenge?

Kara Kenney, this story has your name written all over it.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lugar Re-Visits the Scene of the Crime

Lugar re-visits the scene of the crime.

Guest editorial by

By: Callum Dalgliesh

Senator Lugar held a press conference at the Marott Hotel on April 25th promising a knockout punch against Mourdock. He attempted to make the case that he was more conservative than Mourdock by digging up irrelevant information from 1992; however, according to the media, Lugar was unsuccessful.

But, there is an old story about the Marott Hotel in 1992 that Lugar would NOT have told us about at his April 25th press conference. Ask him about it and watch him pivot and look for the door. He he he.

In 1992, Lugar was chairman of the Senate Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, and the Marott had fallen on hard times perhaps headed for the wrecking ball. The Indianapolis HUD office had turned down a request for money to renovate the hotel. Did I mention that the request had been made by a Lugar political supporter? True.

Right after the Indianapolis HUD office rejected the request, the local HUD Director was removed, and another Lugar campaign contributor was appointed to take over. She and her husband routinely contributed to Lugar’s campaign coffers, and she later told Newsday magazine that she was instructed by the regional HUD officers to approve the $13 million loan immediately.

Read the complete story of this and other examples of Lugar’s political corruption at:

If you want to change Washington D.C., you will not be successful if you continue to send the same old Liberals and RINO politicians.

Ogden for Judge - Biography

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Complaint Filed With Federal Election Commission Against Senator Lugar

Senator Richard Lugar's troubles got bigger this week after a formal complaint and request for investigation was filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Will Dick Lugar be forced to answer to the FEC?
"This letter is for the purpose of filing a complaint and requesting an investigation of possible illegal use of government funds for political travel by U.S. Senator Richard Lugar," read the opening line of a letter dated April 4, 2012, written and filed by Indianapolis resident and Certified Fraud Examiner Greg Wright.

"As you can see from the attached news articles, Senator Lugar has recently admitted that his Senate office improperly paid for thousands of dollars of hotel stay that he incurred in the State of Indiana due to the fact that he does not maintain a residence in the state he represents in the Senate.  He also admitted that it is possible that this 'error' may extend all the way back to 1978, the year he took office.

In addition to the implications under Senate Ethics rules, I believe there may also be campaign finance law violations involved as well.  As you can see from the enclosed memo dated March 22, 2012, much of the government paid travel for which Senator Lugar was reimbursed with official funds over the past two years related to trips back to Indiana from Washington, D.C. which appeared to coincide with widely publicized political fundraising events for Senator Lugar's re-election campaign.

I respectfully request that the Federal Election Commission investigate Senator Lugar's official travel and determine whether his campaign must reimburse the federal government for all or part of the travel related to these and other political events."

It will be interesting to see how Lugar's friends and political allies in the lamestream media spin this one should the FEC decide to move forward with an investigation.  I can only imagine if Charlie White had done the things Lugar has done when it comes to breaking rules and laws.  There would likely be another crucifixtion to read about during this Easter season.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

State Audit Reveals MSD Washington Township Illegally Spent Over a Million Dollars for Securatex Contract

Where is Jim Mervilde?
Does anyone know where former MSD Washington Township Superintendent Jim Mervilde is hiding these days?  If so, he needs to answer for the illegal actions of school officials while under his watch.  Some are now wondering if Mervilde chose an early retirement rather than face the heat that he likely knew was coming.

The audit results are in, and as this blogger reported earlier, the school district  illegally spent over a million dollars for Securatex security services, leaving the district vulnerable to potential lawsuits from taxpayers.  This blogger had earlier discovered that Securatex was operating without a valid contract and brought it to the attention of state auditors. 

In addition, state auditors concluded that the school district paid $1,255,524 for the security services from the district's Capital Projects Fund, monies that are to be used exclusively "for the construction, repair, replacement, remodeling, or maintenance of a school facility..and may not exceed five percent (5%) of the property tax revenues levied for teh fund in the calendar year."

Former school board member Greg Wright attempted to warn Mervilde and fellow school board members of the illegality; however, the warnings fell on deaf ears. The largely rubber stamp school board members were complicit in the wrongdoing, and they should be required to answer for such blatant mismanagement.

Along with an array of other illegalities, the audit report also revealed that North Central High School students were charged parking fees and assessed fines even though the school board never approved the fees, which totaled $53,239.07 for the 2010-2011 school year.  Will students be reimbursed for the illegal and unconstitutional confiscation of student money?

"Fees should only be collected as specifically authorized by statute or properly authorized resolutions or ordinances, as applicable, which are not contrary to statutory or Constitutional provisions," read a portion of the audit report.

Once again, Greg Wright was right.  How long will taxpayers tolerate the rubber stamp school board at MSD Washington Township?

Friday, March 9, 2012

Is Senator Richard Lugar Driven By Political Kickbacks? An Inside Look at How Washington Really Works From Tea Party Member Who Wonders if He Was Offered a Political Bribe

What is the “real” reason Senator Lugar supports earmarks?

By: Callum Dalgliesh

Friday, March 09, 2012

Senator Richard Lugar
Indiana Tea Party leaders accepted Senator Lugar’s invitation to meet with him on December13th, 2010.  They arrived a half hour early at the Marriott hotel in order to review their list of grievances and coordinate their efforts.  The senator’s assistant approached them as they walked in the lobby and spoke to each person by name even though he had never met them before.  He suggested, since they were already there, that they start the meeting early.  He told them that the Senator was upstairs in his room reading a newspaper and could meet with them at that time.

Senator Lugar directly answered each concern on their list, was direct, confident and articulate.  He was not argumentative and appeared sincere.  The meeting did not nullify the grievances or change anyone’s mind; but, it did dull some of the rough edges of their feelings toward that obviously eighty-year old man. 
I was not at the December meeting.  But, exactly one month later, on Thursday January 13, 2011, I received a call from Mr. Giacomo from Washington DC.  He stated that his employer, Mr. Grendel, was a staunch Republican and was interested in helping the Indiana Tea Party and wanted to get involved.  While we spoke pleasantries, I Google-searched Grendel’s name and quickly found that he controlled several companies and was very wealthy.  Mr. Giacomo asked if I would meet Mr. Grendel the following week near the Indianapolis International Airport and I agreed to do so.  A meeting was set for 11:00 A.M. on January 20th  at the Wyndham Hotel.  

I met Mr. Grendel in the bar area where we discussed political issues for the next two hours over his iced tea and my Coke.  His assistant, Gian Giacomo, sat a polite 20 feet away on a barstool drinking coffee.  The middle button of his oversized suit jacket was unbuttoned.  His eyes never left us.  Not even to check his cell phone.

Mr. Grendel started the conversation with political philosophy and, although I had my suspicions, I listened as he spoke for thirty minutes non-stop. He specifically addressed every issue on the grievance list that the Tea Party representatives had reviewed with Senator Lugar.
Mr. Grendel went down the list, apparently from memory, and discussed them all point by point except for one issue very important to the Indiana Tea Party: earmarks.  First he said that the START Treaty was no big deal because both sides cheat and therefore it wasn’t really an issue to have with the Senator.  He then went on to say that the DREAM Act was really an important first step towards immigration reform and that the country was in serious need of workers that would actually work.  He stated, to my disbelief, that our economy had tens of thousands of unfilled jobs and that we needed more workers to fill them.  He continued down the list we had reviewed with the Senator’s representative.  It was clear to me at this point that Mr. Grendel did not want to help the Tea Party. 

I waited for the other shoe to drop.
He next said that even he was a bit disappointed with Senator Lugar’s confirmation vote on Justices Sotamayor and Kagan.  He said ‘geez’ we were even confused on why he did that.  But he added, “nobody is going to agree with someone 100%”.  He said that the Senator had voted conservative over 80% of the time.   I thought that that might be true now; but, two years ago he was ranked voting conservative just over 50% of the time.

I sat and primarily listened during this entire time which lasted close to two hours.  Finally,                   
Mr. Grendel said that he invites influential people from around the country to his home and that this would be a great networking opportunity for “key” Tea Party leaders like me.  He said that I could be invited to this soiree, even bring some friends, and it would connect me to people such as Mitch McConnell and other important people.  I did not flinch and sat silently offended that he thought I could be bought by a party invite. 

Mr. Grendel was not deterred and pressed on.  He said that it would be a shame for the Senator to face a needless primary challenge when the potential challenges by Richard Mourdock and Mike Delph would not pose a credible challenge.  He said that it was extremely important that the Republicans win the senate in 2012, and not risk losing the senate seat in Indiana over minor differences between conservative Republicans.  It simply was not worth it.  He mentioned the Nevada and Delaware senate races in 2010.  Mr. Grendel went on to say that the governor’s race was important and that Mike Pence would be the likely candidate and it would be a shame to have a rift within the party.  He told me that it was hard enough to raise money and then to have to needlessly spend ten or twelve million dollars defending Lugar’s seat when it could be used elsewhere.  This would be foolish.
I suppose he saw the blank stare on my face and he came out with his next and probably final offer.  I noticed him looking over to Gian Giacomo, who adjusted (again) his jacket.

Mr. Grendel said that the ‘key’ Tea Party leaders (like me) were a valuable resource and there were many jobs available to them on senator’s and congressmen’s staff.  He did not specifically say Senator Lugar was making an offer, but I took this as an offer that he could deliver if I backed off the efforts contrary to his objectives.  I was convinced that he could deliver.
I did not respond to this “offer”; but, I did mention that the Tea Party was not at war with the GOP.  I said that we had more in common with the GOP than the Dems.  But, I said, “it is a shame that the GOP has so many RINO’s in it that vote with the Progressives and yet are accepted by Republicans solely because they had an “R” at the end of their name.”

The meeting then came to a rapid close, he pulled out his card and wrote his cell number on it.  Sliding it across the small table to me, he asked that I think over our conversation and call him in a few days. He concluded the meeting hastily, Mr. Giacomo slid off his bar stool, placed folding money on the bar,  and followed a few paces behind him.  Neither man looked back.

I have not spoken to either of them since that meeting.
I knew that I had just been served either an offer or a warning.  I had been asked by a multi-millionaire to a private meeting that lasted two hours.  He may have flown in on his private jet just to see me.  His purpose appeared to be to assess me and see if I could be easily bought off or intimidated.  Some rich men collect art and others collect exotic cars.  Perhaps Mr. Grendel collects politicians or maybe an ideologue. 

It wasn’t until a new friend helped us follow the money that we had a better idea about Mr. Grendel’s motives and perhaps knew why Senator Lugar supported earmarks.  He found that Mr. Grendel is a campaign contribution “bundler” for several congressional RINOs.

Indiana Senator Richard Lugar has publicly stated that he favors earmarks and has said that calls for banning congressional earmarks are "a bogus issue."  Conservative critics dub them a “gateway drug” to corruption and crony capitalism.  Also, when you look closely at the earmark co-sponsors from the opposite political party, it looks like a whole lot of political “logrolling” is going on.  This corruption also merits a deeper look.
Listed below are three of Senator Lugar’s earmark recipients and corresponding campaign contributions he received from those earmark recipients (or related parties).  Mr. Grendel (not his real name) is an executive with one of those organizations.

AmeriQual Foods Inc.

$3,440,000           High Pressure Pasteurization and Pressure Assisted Thermal Sterilization Project

$3,200,000           Military High Pressure Packaging Project

Campaign contributions: $22,150

Science Applications International Corp

(Reported Contractor Misconduct: 16 Instances)

$1,600,000           Joint Technology Insertion and Accelerated System

$1,600,000           High Power Fiber Laser (HPFL)-Based Pod

Campaign contributions: $7,000

Raytheon Co

$1,000,000           Distributed Common Ground System-Nay/AFATDS Interoperability

Campaign contributions: $4,000

I am convinced that the Indiana Tea Party, with its 30,000 members, can make a difference.  It is now flexing its strength and both political parties know it.  Our elected officials should belong to no person or group…they should serve their constituents.   Many business elites do not like the impending loss of their personal politicians and the corresponding reduction of crony capitalism.   

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Voters Challenge State Election Commission In court

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Eric Bohnet, 317-750-8503

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Appeal Filed in Lugar Residency Case

Voters Challenge State Election Commission Ruling in Court

Two Indiana voters filed an appeal yesterday in Marion County Superior Court asking for review of the denial of their challenges to Richard Lugar’s candidacy for the U.S. Senate by the Indiana Election Commission. The appeal also seeks an injunction to prohibit election officials from printing ballots for the upcoming May 8 primary until the case is resolved. The challengers plan to ask for expedited consideration of their appeal by the courts.

According to Eric C. Bohnet, attorney for the voters, "The Constitution requires that Senators be inhabitants of the states that elect them. But Sen. Lugar sold his last Indiana residence almost 35 years ago, and still votes from that old address for his voting registration because he doesn't have anywhere in this state to call home. He's become an inhabitant of Virginia, and thus ineligible to be elected to the Senate from Indiana. Voters need the issue resolved before the primary to ensure that Republicans choose a candidate who is eligible to be elected and avoid another 'Charlie White' scenario."

The statute in question, Indiana Code 3-8-1-7, states:

A candidate for the office of United States Senator must have the qualifications provided in Article 1, Section 3, Clause 3 of the Constitution of the United States.

The U.S. Constitution requires, in relevant part, that a Senator must be an “inhabitant” of their state.

There was no dispute at the Election Commission hearing on the matter that Richard Lugar sold his residence in Indiana in 1977 and moved to Virginia. Since then, he has maintained no physical residence in the State of Indiana.

Senator Lugar’s attorneys and the Commission relied heavily on Sen. Lugar's stated intent to someday return to Indiana, and letters from the Indiana Attorney General stating that Senator Lugar could continue voting in Indiana without an actual residence here. These letters should provide a good defense against allegations of vote fraud, but they do not affect the federal constitutional law that determines qualifications for the United States Senate.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Attempts by Lugar Supporters to Silence Greg Wright Fails; Are there more skeletons waiting to come out of the Senator's closet?

CFE Greg Wright
Fighter pilots know they're over a target when they start taking flak, and it's much the same way in politics.  If the political flak that Greg Wright has encountered recently is any indication, he must be over a mighty big target.  

An unknown source, presumably from Senator Richard Lugar's political camp, recently filed an ethics complaint with the ACFE against Wright, claiming he violated policies of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. 

"Mr. Wright took it upon himself to conduct an investigation of Richard and Charlene Lugar to determine whether they own the property listed on their Indiana absentee ballots," read a portion of the complaint, which went on to allege that Wright's "investigation of Mr. and Mrs. Lugar's property ownership was wholly motivated by his personal political agenda."

The complaint was reviewed and immediately tossed out after it was determined that Wright did not breach the code of ethical conduct in any way, but was the real purpose behind the filing of such a complaint to intimidate Wright into stopping his investigatory activities before he uncovered even more damaging information?    

Wright, a Certified Fraud Examiner, recently produced documents proving that Senator Richard Lugar hasn't been a resident of Indiana for over 30 years, resulting in a nationwide media firestorm and plummeting approval ratings for the longtime Senator.  According to the Weekly Standard, Lugar's approval rating has recently fallen below 40% (See this link for details).
Senator Richard Lugar

Since the news of Lugar's residency problems has been public for several weeks, why file a complaint now?  Could it be that Lugar and his followers are aware of the fact that Wright has been receiving "tips" from anonymous sources that could lead to more politically-threatening information? 

Desperate times call for desperate measures, after all.  It's clear that filing a bogus ethics complaint with the ACFE is a desperate attempt to silence Lugar's critics and to cut the flow of information from its source.

Thankfully, Wright is not intimidated by this sophomoric attempt to silence a private citizen.  Members of the Tea Party have referred to Wright as "brave," considering the suspicious untimely death of Andrew Breitbart, another patriot who was adept at uncovering political corruption.

Another noteworthy point of interest is the fact that Abdul Hakim-Shabazz, the Indy blogger with a rather large ego and attitude to match,  knew about the ethics complaint before Wright was ever notified, which leaves one to wonder to what extent he is involved in the failed attempt to silence and intimidate a private citizen.  It's no secret that Abdul is a shill for many in the Republican establishment to the point that many have questioned his ethics over the years.  The complaint contained email copies only sent to a Lugar senior advisor giving him an opportunity to provide contrary evidence.

Maybe Abdul has wandered from his earlier self-proclaimed Conservative and Libertarian beliefs to a left of center position. When Abdul asked Wright to comment on the anonymous complaint, he did not print any of his responses. Why?

Wright said that he has not expressed an opinion regarding Senator Lugar's guilt or innocence of voter fraud. He said, "The Daily Caller, Associated Press and others contacted me, not vice versa, and I agreed to provide them with copies of documents. They arrive at their own conclusions."

Sit back and relax, folks.  If the paranoia in the Lugar camp is any indication, perhaps the rumors about Swiss bank accounts and political corruption are true.  If so, I can't think of a better person to dig up the facts than Greg Wright.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Could the Final Chapter In the Charlie White Saga Be a Full Exoneration by the Indiana Supreme Court?

Will White be exonerated by the Supremes?
Attorney-blogger Gary Welsh has had it right from the beginning concerning the political persecution of former Secretary of State Charlie White.  

Once again, Welsh hit it out of the ballpark with today's commentary of the oral arguments presented before the Indiana Supreme Court.  I couldn't have said it better myself, so rather than re-invent the wheel, I'll invite readers to conclude why Vop Osli shouldn't be measuring for drapes quite yet.  You can read the entire commentary at this link as well as my two cents worth below. 

The conviction of Charlie White was more than a miscarriage of justice.  It was a political witch-hunt run amok.  White and his family were mercilessly dragged through the mud for months to satisfy White's blood-thirsty political enemies.  

Charlie White kicked Vop Osili's butt at the ballot box, so rather than bow out gracefully, he decided to subvert the will of the people.  Well, I was one of those voters who sent White to the Secretary of State's office, and I will not sit by silently while the sore losers try to disenfranchise my vote and countless others. 

Why did it matter whether White was living with his ex-wife or wife-to-be?  A Secretary of State represents the entire state, not a particular district.  If Charlie White is a criminal, then so are hundreds, maybe thousands of other voters who are inbetween residences during election time.

It's also clear that White didn't get a fair trial as it's been reported that the jury was not allowed to see compelling evidence.  The jury foreman seemed perplexed as well and indicated that had White's attorney presented a defense, he likely would have been acquitted.   

I don't know Charlie White, but I do know injustice when I see it, and apparently a few Indiana Supreme Court justices do as well.

If  comments coming from the high court's bench are any indication, White could soon be restored to his rightful place as Indiana's Secretary of State.  That would be sweet justice in my book.  Until such time, count me as part of the public whose trust has been shattered after watching this man and his family being treated as if a capital crime had been committed. 

Justice Brent Dickson and company were right to question the process with very pointed questions and comments.  Those comments seem to bode well for Charlie White's exoneration and future should he decide to pursue it.