Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lugar Voter Fraud Allegations Hit National Spotlight

The Daily Caller, a national political publication, has reported on Senator Richard Lugar's voting fraud issue.

You can find the link here.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

BMV Will Look Into Lugar Complaint

Greg Wright received word today from Elizabeth Murphy, General Counsel for the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, that her office will look into the recent complaint filed against Senator and Mrs. Richard Lugar.  Apparently, the Lugars have been using a phony address to register their vehicles at the BMV. 

"The BMV is in receipt of your letters dated December 28, 2011, regarding Richard and Charlene Lugar.  We will look into this matter to determine the appropriate action, if necessary.  Thank you for the information you have provided," wrote Murphy.

Indiana citizens are waiting to see if the law will be applied equally.

Stay tuned.

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Closer Look At Senator Dick Lugar's Deep RINO Roots: What is Lugar's Connection to Wendell Willkie, the First RINO of Record?

Wendell Willkie, the first RINO
It's no secret that many in the Republican party are upset with Senator Richard Lugar for calling himself a Republican while behaving like a liberal, thus earning the title of RINO (Republican In Name Only).

For those who understand the past, it should come as no surprise that Lugar recently praised Obama's "strong voice and creativity" and also referred to our socialist-leaning president as "my good friend."

"I very much feel like the novice and pupil," Obama has said of Lugar.

In addition, When Barak Obama was running for president, he referred to Lugar as someone he would go to when it comes to foreign policy.  Lugar is the only Senate Republican to publicly endorse the New START pact that President Obama negotiated with Russia.

Lugar looks on in adoration of his "good friend" Obama

Lugar is by no means the first RINO to hit the national scene, but ironically, the original RINO and 1940 Republican presidential nominee, Wendell Willkie, has much in common with the Hoosier senator.

Willkie was cozy with Democrats.  He joined with Eleanor Roosevelt to form Freedom House and was a delegate to two Democratic national conventions. 

A Wilsonian Internationalist who promoted world government, Willkie wrote the book "One World."  He supported Roosevelt's controversial New Deal.

Late in his career, Willkie joined the New Liberal Party and attempted to push its agenda nationally.  Senator Lugar was a member of a liberal think tank, the Roosevelt Institute's Campus Network.  And proving that he's no statesman, he recently resigned under pressure from the Tea Party.

Knowing this, one should not be surprised to learn of Lugar's pick to manage his 2012 Senatorial campaign.

Willkie's great-grandson, David W. Willkie, heads Lugar's re-election efforts.  A former Senate Foreign Relations staffer, Mr. David Willkie, like his great-grandfather and Senator Lugar, is a Wilsonian Internationalist.  He is a very proud of his great-grandfather.
If you subscribe to world government, Progressivism and prefer left-leaning Republicans, these facts may not be troubling.  If you are a Constitutional conservative, loyal to the ideals of our founders, you might feel otherwise.