Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wilson Education Center Audit Flawless Thanks to Phil Partenheimer

Phil Partenheimer cleaned up the corruption.
What a difference a quality leader and a little public scrutiny can make! 

"It took me three years to get our audit cleaned up," announced Dr. Phil Partenheimer in an email note to this blogger.   

The thoughtful note was certainly the highlight of my day.

Three years ago, the Wilson Education Center, one of nine educational service centers in Indiana, was at the center of controversy for its role in the no-bid roofing debacle that resulted in a multi-million dollar taxpayer rip-off . 

This blogger blew the whistle on this and related corruption by contacting public officials, which eventually resulted in  the resignation of former Wilson Education Center director Larry Risk and the termination of Gregg Sinders, legislative liaison for the agency.  [See Related Story: Larry Risk was a No Show at Audit Exit Interview at this link.]

It's also interesting to note that this Tea Party blog was created a few years before the national tea party fever erupted and in direct response to the cover-up of the no-bid roofing scandal that originated at the Wilson Education Center.  

State legislators also threatened to abolish Indiana ESC's because of the controversy. 

The scandal eventually led to a scathing audit report issued by the Indiana State Board of Accounts.  You can access the previous audit report, which is now being used in other states to expose similar corruption, at this link.

After years of fighting the corruption and defending myself against a frivilous lawsuit brought by the multi-billion dollar, out-of-state roofing corporation, former Attorney General Steve Carter declared the no-bid scheme to be illegal and school districts throughout Indiana were forced to obey the law and to stop squandering hard-earned tax dollars. 

Indiana roofing businesses were also given half a chance to compete on a more level playing field, although this blogger still receives reports of alleged schemes by roofing industry operatives to extort Indiana tax dollars from unsuspecting school officials without going through the proper bid process.  At least they're no longer doing it through the Wilson Education Center.  Not with Phil Partenheimer in charge! 

Using this blogger's research, others have gone on to fight similar corruption in several states throughout the nation.  Federal investigators also continue to take an interest in the resulting evidence.

After Larry Risk left in disgrace, Dr. Phil Partenheimer was chosen to clean up the corruption.  Partenheimer had the courage to call this blogger shortly after taking over at the Wilson Education Center, vowing to clean up the corruption. 

Today, I am pleased to announce that Dr. Partenheimer was true to his word.  Last week, the State Board of Accounts issued a flawless audit report of the Wilson Education Center. You can access the current report at this link.

Thank you, Dr. Partenheimer, from the bottom of my heart.  You have earned my respect and admiration, and that's not an easy task.

Monday, May 14, 2012

New Hampshire's Hillsborough County Attorney Backs Off Wire Tapping Charges Against Gerard Beloin After Blog Article Goes Viral; "Help is on the way," Says Former State Republican Chairman

As reported last February, Gerard Beloin has been sitting in a New Hampshire state prison for over a year after blowing the whistle on alleged school roofing corruption in his hometown of Goffstown.  This comes on the heels of a recent Reuters news story that gave the State of New Hampshire a D rating for being one of the most politically corrupt states in the nation.  The incredible plight of Gerard Beloin is proof that it deserves an F.

"There is a sickness, a disease, a perversion in the New Hampshire justice system," wrote Beloin from his prison cell.  "I'm not the progenitor of this madness, I'm simply the recorder and the reporter." 

Beloin's supporters are referring to the whistleblower as a "political prisoner" as 2nd Amendment groups and elected officials, including the former Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party, are now jumping on board to help in Beloin's plight for justice as the news makes its way around the country via the Internet. 

"He now sits in jail, the victim of a railroad job like no other I have seen," wrote Jack Kimball, former Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican party.  "If this can be done to Gerard, then it certainly can be done to any of us."

Kimball vowed, "Help is on the way and we won't stop until we succeed in getting Gerard back home."

Beloin is crediting Kimball's intervention as well as a story published via this blog, entitled "Is Gerard Beloin a Political Prisoner?" for an unexpected move by the Hillsborough County Attorney to announce via a letter dated April 25, 2012, that he will not be pursing wiretapping charges against Beloin. 

Until now, Beloin has been threatened for the past couple of years with wiretapping charges for doing nothing more than recording multiple death threats being made against him, including one warning that he would "disappear like Jimmy Hoffa" if he did not stop speaking out against the corruption of elected officials.

"Our office has decided not to prosecute you at this time for wiretapping. Therefore, you are free to make arrangements with the evidence department at the New Boston Police Department to arrange to have your personal property returned to you," wrote Kenneth L. Perkins, the Hillsborough County Attorney.

Beloin's arrest for the phony wiretapping charges led to an eventual arrest and charges for handgun possession.  Had it not been for bogus wiretapping charges, there would be no handgun charges since Beloin was previously licensed to carry a handgun. 

Although Beloin had a clean record prior to the bogus charges being leveled against him, an overzealous judge sentenced him to six years in prison where he now sits, even though prosecutors argued for no prison time since it was a first offense.  The judge cited Beloin's unrepentent attitude for the stiff sentence; however, Beloin contends that he has nothing to repent of.  He was merely doing what any prudent citizen would do in the face of being threatened with death for blowing the whistle on massive corruption.

The New Hampshire Supreme Court has agreed to hear Beloin's grievances, which may occur this week.  This blogger and other activists from around the country have filed Friend of the Court briefs on Beloin's behalf. 

We will continue to follow this story as well as provide intriguing details in a continuing saga, which is the subject of a tell-all book that Gerard is writing for publication from behind bars, where he is also running for Congress in hopes of drawing attention to his persecution.

If you want to help, please make a contribution or mail a check made out to Gerard Beloin for Congress, P. O. Box 304, New Boston, NH  03070.  Gerard could also use help with legal fees as his wife and daughter have been left without a husband and father to provide for them for the past year.

Stay tuned...this story is an unbelievable one, and I've only scratched the surface.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Richard Mourdock Gets Warm Welcome in West Lafayette

Richard Mourdock, the future of my grandchildren, Hunter & Charlotte
Three generations of my family were in the room today to witness history being made.  Along with members of the national media, we were at the Immanuel Reformed Presbyterian Church in West Lafayette this afternoon to hear Richard Mourdock make a final appeal to voters before tomorrow's election.

There was notable excitment, cheering and whistling as Mourdock entered the room.  He was interrupted by applause a few times and he was near to shedding tears as he proudly declared that he hopes that his life is a mission for a greater purpose.  He began by praising his opponent, Richard Lugar.  He addressed several young people in the audience, including a boy scout troop who intently listened from the front row.

"Richard Lugar is not my enemy," he told them after admonishing them to remember that politics is about ideas, not making enemies of a particular opponent.  Mourdock expressed his respect for Lugar and advised the scouts to model their lives after someone like him who has served his country for decades.

This blogger was interviewed by members of the national press, including CBS News.  The reporter noted the excitement in the room, which was contrasted by another reporter to the lack of excitement surrounding Lugar's appearances today.

"He went to a sewage treatment plant on the eve of an historic election," bemoaned the reporter.  "I wanted to suggest that he go to a mall or someplace where there are people."

Several guests at the event were asked why we were supporting Mourdock in lieu of an eight-term senator.  The consensus was unanimous.  Lugar has worn out his welcome.  He forgot where he came from.  He is no longer a Hoosier, but a Washington insider who thinks he is the only one qualified to serve as an Indiana Senator.  Sorry, Mr. Lugar, but that arrogant attitude became your political downfall.

I was quick to tell the reporter that I have not been this excited about a candidate since voting for Ronald Reagan.  Richard Mourdock is a genuine, compassionate, down-to-earth Hoosier who respects the Constitution of the United States. 

I heard Richard Mourdock speak at the Tippecanoe County Republican Women's Breakfast well over a year ago prior to his announcement that he would seek the Senate office.  I remember telling my friend, Jon Held, that this was the man who would unseat Richard Lugar.  Although Jon was as disillusioned with Richard Lugar as I was, he told me then that it was "wishful thinking."  But that was before Jon heard Richard Mourdock speak.  Today, Jon hosted the church meeting where many Hoosier citizens were cheering on their next Indiana Senator.

Here's my official "I told you so," Jon, but I'm sure you don't mind hearing it knowing that we'll be well-represented in Washington come January.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Democrats Mourn Richard Lugar's Pending Historical Political Loss

With the election two days away, liberal Democrats are already mourning the historical loss of Richard Lugar to the United States Senate.  The mourners include the writer of the Indy Democrat Blog, in a piece entitled, "This Is It for Lugar."

And why shouldn't this be it for Lugar?  After all, he has no business representing Republicans when he acts and votes like a Democrat!  The fact that liberals are mourning his impending loss is proof enough that it's time for Lugar to go.  Since he wouldn't go gracefully, he had to be shoved off the left exit of the political stage.

"Dick Lugar is among a handful of people who have shaped my ideas and who will be surrounding me in the White House," stated Barak Obama.

Need I go on?  The list of Lugar's offenses is a long one, but we can stop with the fact that Dick Lugar and Barak Obama are joined at the hip.  Dick Lugar is not qualified to represent Hoosier values.

Clearly, Dick Lugar is not a conservative, but what has become more clear over the past decade is that Dick Lugar is not even a moderate.  He's a flaming liberal, and it's time to extinguish the flame.

In contrast, Richard Mourdock is a true American patriot who respects the Constitution.  He's down-to-earth, and he's not above mingling with common folks.  In fact, he will be visiting a few close friends in my hometown of Lafayette tomorrow afternoon. 

It won't be the first time I've met Mr. Mourdock.  I first heard him speak over a year ago at a Tippecanoe County Republican Women's breakfast.  I remember being so excited after hearing him that I called up a few friends and declared, "This is the man who will unseat Richard Lugar!"  Although they shared my view that it was time for Lugar to go, those friends thought it was wishful thinking on my part.  But that was before they heard the man speak.

My friends underestimated Richard Mourdock that day, the same way Richard Lugar apparently did.  But that was before they heard him speak.  That was before they knew what he stood for. 

I predict that if Richard Mourdock doesn't forget the people who sent him to Washington, he will go down in history as one of the best United States Senators this nation has ever had.

Jefferson High School Newspaper Earns Top Award

Congratulations to Jeff Booster newspaper advisor and students for earning top honors for their high school newspaper.  And to think a few liberals tried (but failed) to destroy Mr. Herber's career a few years ago.  This blogger, who was then editor of The Family Times, exposed the sinister plot, and the plotters were sent packing.  (A recap of the story that rocked the halls of Jefferson High School in the fall of 1998 will be forthcoming.)

Go to this link for the WLFI story.