Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Plymouth Citizens Appeal to Governor in Last Ditch Effort for Justice

Breaking State News:

The following was sent to media outlets and Indiana government officials by Plymouth residents in a last ditch effort for justice...
Indiana Inspector General Dave Thomas has refused to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate alleged cover ups by the Indiana State Police and the Indiana Department of Education of alleged criminal computer tampering believed maliciously committed by Plymouth public school superintendents Dan Tyree and John Hill (retired) on 10/4/07. Mr. Thomas’s  denial is contrary to his stated responsibilities:

 "We (the Inspector General's Office) only have jurisdiction to investigate criminal, ethics, and efficiency violations in the Executive Branch of Indiana Government and its administrative agencies.” (IG website)

Both the ISP and the IDOE are departments in the executive branch.

When requested by Plymouth, Indiana citizens (spokesperson Dare Hawes) for Mr. Thomas to explain why the Inspector General refuses to  investigate the ISP and the IDOE for their acknowledged refusal to investigate this alleged  public crime  (IC 35-43-1-4) and civil violations (IC 20-28-9-212) of “immorality, insubordination, neglect of duty, good and just cause” by these two Plymouth public school superintendents, Thomas responded by email on 9/25/12:

 “My decision was based on Indiana law.”  What? IG Thomas refused to explain.

 This is most disturbing to Plymouth citizens as this crime is fully substantiated with strong testimony from respected educator Michael Edison, fully documented evidence of criminal computer tampering, and expert analysis of that data.

 Since the Statute of Limitations of this alleged crime expires on 10/4/12, Plymouth Citizens have urgently appealed to both Mr. Thomas and Governor Mitch Daniels to take expedient legal action to appoint a Special Prosecutor under IC 4-2-7-7.  There in, it is stated that this appointment by Thomas and Daniels can take effect if   “ . . .  the governor finds that the appointment of the inspector general as a special prosecuting attorney is in the best interests of justice.”

Governor Daniels has yet to respond, despite the clock ticking down. In the interests of justice, Plymouth citizens  assert either these state leaders will finally seek justice, or obstruct justice in this fully documented public crime.


Hawes asks citizens to expediently call Governor Daniels at 317-232-4567 and plead with him for all Indiana citizens' welfare o appoint a Special Prosecutor "at the last hour" to intervene in this public school corruption /white collar crime case. The Statute of Limitations is October 4, 2012...just a few days away. this is urgent!



Friday, September 14, 2012

Judge Loretta Rush Will Serve the Supreme Court with Honor

Governor Daniels made a wise choice when he appointed Judge Loretta Rush to the Indiana Supreme Court today.  As a CASA, I have advocated for abused and neglected children in Judge Rush's court for several years, and she is, by far, at the top of my list when it comes to public officials who have earned my complete trust and respect.

Along with her common sense, she has many outstanding qualities, but the one thing I admire most about Loretta Rush is the fact that she is not afraid to stand up for what is right in spite of political consequences. 

Unlike some juvenile judges throughout the state, Rush is clearly not a rubber stamp for the Department of Child Services.  Rush recently appeared before the state legislature and gave clear and concise testimony about serious flaws in the system while she was being considered for the Supreme Court.  The constructive criticism was risky, politically speaking, but Judge Rush stood by her convictions, and she did so, because she knows what is at stake, and she understands that lives may depend on her intervention.

As a CASA, I have only seen a small glimpse compared to what Judge Rush has seen.  Knowing that, I don't know how that woman sleeps at night.  I also know that the Department of Child Services has serious problems, and I applaud her for wanting to fix what is clearly broken.  Sometimes, I feel like my role is to protect children from the system rather than abusive parents, so I can only imagine how she wrestles with all the problems she is faced with.

While Rush's departure will be a huge loss for children in Tippecanoe County, her appointment as Supreme Court Justice will benefit all Hoosiers.  With a huge lump in my throat, my heartfelt congratulations to The Honorable Judge Loretta Rush, a woman I truly respect and admire.